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Advocates Cry Foul as NC Lawmakers Vote on 'Bait and Switch' HB2 Deal

Advocates Cry Foul as NC Lawmakers Vote on 'Bait and Switch' HB2 Deal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In an effort to "repair" the reputation of North Carolina and win back some of the millions lost as a result of the state's transphobic bathroom law, lawmakers on Thursday are rushing to pass an alleged compromise deal that rights advocates are warning will only further sanction discrimination.

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WTF??? Cooper the enabler. What the hell is wrong with him.

Hopefully the NCAA and ACC will see right through the BS.

Choose to spend your money elsewhere.
Visit other jurisdictions that support all people equally.
NC will listen to money - it’s religion.

Seems like some people have an ingrained need to discriminate.
If it ain’t one bunch of people to discriminate against, its another. It doesn’t matter who or why just as long as these discriminators can set their sights on some kind of target to discriminate against. What would Freud say? It sounds like a psychological problem to me.

We sold our interest in NC before this hit the fan (no foreknowledge just lucky).
Our former partners, peers and competitors have gotten it in the shorts … big time. The current solution offered is no solution.

We’re now in Texas (frying pan => fire) but fortunately all of our current business interest are virtual which means we can ‘operate’ from anywhere.

Thank Rev. Barber for all your hard work----and making clear this is more than a public restroom bill as the corporate media would have us all believe,as the Rev. points out this is an anti -worker bill. It prevents local communities from raising the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage in Calif started in the cities----Bank of America is headquartered in North Carolina----all those supporting to raise the minimum wage should boycott Bank of America.