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Advocates Demand Facebook #StopCensoringPalestine After Platform Blocks Livestream Featuring Palestinian Rights Defenders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/advocates-demand-facebook-stopcensoringpalestine-after-platform-blocks-livestream

Americans must right now realize that political pressure can delete important messages, ideas, people, news and opposition politicians from the internet.

The social group channels and TV news and cable news are managed by …

Finally, it is ok to critic the israel government, zionism.
It is not ok to attack the jewish religion.

“Facebook has a duty to respect the right to boycott,…”

No they don’t. Facebook is a private corporation, and only has a duty to it’s shareholders, that’s how capitalism works. If you want them to have a duty to anything else, they must be broken up, and become a public utility.

Don’t use it, haven’t signed on, and don’t care. People who use these platforms pretty much deserve what they get.

Zionism is a political ideology based on the ethnic cleansing or genocide of the Palestinian people. Judaism is about love and service.

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