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Advocates Express Fears Logging Industry Behind Disappearance of Mexican Monarch Butterfly Defender Homero Gómez

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/22/advocates-express-fears-logging-industry-behind-disappearance-mexican-monarch


A sad, horrific, and worse-predictable result for yet another brave, caring person fighting for his part of the planet. Swept up by the juggernaut of evil and greed in the form of the despoilers who want to cut down every last tree, just for short-term profits


Well and truly said. People will talk about some future dystopia in very picturesque if grim imagery but it something like this that will really characterize what dystopia will be like. Corrupt lawlessness and malevolent amoral violence. In a dystopia like those which already exist in poor ghettos around the world, violence is law. Unchecked and unrestrained, violent gangs serve power and greed. The goon squads are real. Their murderous savagery answers to no law except bribery and corruption.

In a future filled with climate displaced person camps who will stop the gangs? The police? Do the police stop them now? When things are in disarray everywhere, the police will protect wealth and power to the exclusion of all else. In a dystopian future, heroes like this will be targeted by power and the police if any, will ignore the violence that will be used against these the courageous ones.

A pure case of the greed of a few destroying the beauty and wonder that belongs to everyone. The ugliness of this is only contrasted by the astounding beauty that he sought to protect. The world is a poorer place without him.


As more states such as Mexico devolve into what is called gore capitalism–violence used to further illegal business interests such as illegal drugs or illegal logging–the environment will become untenable for all forms of life including our own. It will only worsen as resources are depleted as the 6th Mass Extinction Event we’re all immersed within gathers speed and governments do nothing of any real consequence, leaving a devastated landscapes where forests used to stand. It’s happening in Canada as forests are felled to make way for tar-sands extraction and trees are sold the China for their burgeoning economic boom spurred by over consumption in western states. It has to end sometime, it just does. A collapse is coming. When?; the only question remaining.


Sadly, the current fanatical craze over avocados among the US conspicuous-consuming urban-liberal-yuppies is fueling organized crime, murder and environmental destruction in southern Mexico.

And yes, the gangsters probably especially like growing organic ones.

It’s no different than conflict diamonds and tantalum for smartphones from the DRC.


Keeping people poor and desperate leads people to resort to these horrific, destructive criminal acts to survive. What we do in other countries matters a lot to our global future.

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I was boycotting Mexico tomatoes for years and then found out about the avocados. Now I boycott those all and even limes or other produce from Mexico. At the store, I usually try to get a word in that that produce is owned by the cartels. Not one person, including the produce section staff, has known that.

Mexico is so incredibly corrupt. I always hated going there when I lived on the border.


Well Toni you might be happy to know that Spain is exporting avocados to california. (Just another brick in the wall.)

Thanks! If I lived in California, that’d be even greater news!

Let us hope that snr. Gomez and the monarch butterflies are kept safe.

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