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Advocates for Peace Applaud as Tillerson Drops Preconditions Demand for Direct Talks With North Korea


Advocates for Peace Applaud as Tillerson Drops Preconditions Demand for Direct Talks With North Korea

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This more realistic posture could be just what we need to deescalate tensions and jumpstart the diplomatic process."


Bravo - the preconditions are what have always made “negotiations” with the US a non-starter - “We will only agree to negotiate with you if you first agree to everything that we want in advance.” That’s ridiculous - by definition alone, it is not a negotiation if one of the parties demands acquiescence to all of their demands before even sitting down to talk. Good to see that one sane person in the Trump admin understands that.

Of course, Trump will just undermine his own Sec of State, and/or not recognize anything he agrees to, so it is really moot. Wierdest administration in the history of the US - where the President isn’t even on the same page as his own appointed officials…


Even though Tillison, being the CEO of Exxon, was a cheerleader for the fossil fuel industry, I kind of liked the guy ever since he called Trump " a #### moron"!


As the late Ed Ball, Florida power broker and chair of the Du Pont Trust, was in the habit of toasting his cronies with tumblers of Jack Daniel’s:

“Confusion to the enemy!”


Trump says diplomacy won’t work with the North Koreans? Why? The only scenario that I can come up with is Trump has made up his mind to attack North Korea; otherwise, why would Trump make such an asinine statement!


Ridiculous, yes but nevertheless very true! This is called negotiation in many cases:

We can offer you tons of bribery $$$$$ to be a US quisling ( the euphemism is called foreign aid ) or assassinate you and use our military to overthrow your government.


Yet again for the umpteenth time the ginger chimp makes a mockery of rational governance!

WTF is wrong with this idiot?..that was obviously A rhetorical question, as we all should by now know he is mentally unstable, unqualified, not experienced to even a minimal degree, too narcissistic for the job, a malignant idiot and just plain stupid…aside from being an out and out asshole!

"White House contradicts Tillerson and says not right time for North Korea talks
Spokesman says ‘clearly right now is not the time’ for talks, going against what Tillerson had said and underlining chaotic nature of Trump’s foreign policy"


Not the right time…“wait until the nuclear weapons are launched and millions of people are dead and dying so the world can see I’m the ONLY one calling the shots (DJT).”

A small window has been opened to SANITY…may the light of peace come shining through. Thanks, T-Rex.


Rex, I take back what I said about you last summer, that you were an, “empty suit.”

Now, we have two things in common:

  1. We both believe Trump is a Fucking Moron, and

  2. Diplomacy is always the preferred method of resolving differences, before Death and Human Suffering is dispensed.


Even evil people have some moments it seems.


Good idea. Just make sure Trump isn’t one of the people involved in the Direct Talks.


Or, in the event the emperor insists being there, then the pre-condition for his presence would be NO TALKING!


He should also have his hands tied up and any device that can connect to twitter removed from the room.