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Advocates for Public Health and Environment Chide Rep. Blumenauer for Trade Vote


Advocates for Public Health and Environment Chide Rep. Blumenauer for Trade Vote

Friends of the Earth

Today Food & Water Watch, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace began running television advertisements in Portland, Ore. and Washington, D.C. condemning Representative Blumenauer’s (D-Ore.) endorsement of the ‘fast track’ Trade Promotion Authority bill -- legislation that would expedite approval of large trade agreements being negotiated by the Obama administration;the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.



The Oregon delegation is split 5-2 on the TPP. Sadly, Rep. Blumenauer and Sen. Wyden, running in bluer and bluer Oregon, feel comfortable now revealing their colors as DLC-Corporate Dems. This isn’t the first time their vote doesn’t represent the will of Progressive Dems, the majority, in this state. Nike, Intel, Columbia Sportswear, Adidas and the interests of Big Ag time and again trump our health and safety. Especially, as these same 5 representatives were also against GMO labeling of food ingredients last year in the 2014 state elections. " As Rep. Peter DeFazio said of Mr. Wyden, " when he sits down for dinner with Republicans there’s no Democratic voice at the table. " That appears to be true of the other 4 representatives as well. Oregon voters should demand more honest and forthright Democrats on a host of issues starting with the TPP. We don’t need " bomb trains " running through Portland area; we need a living wage for renters of at least $15-17 an hour, we don’t need the Garrison state being created in the downtown city center, huge tax giveaways by the state to the above mentioned corps don’t help, either. Water, clean air, renewable energy and livable communities with fair wages will out trump the short term and dangerous profits offered by the gang in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Shame on Oregon’s own Gang of Five, here. Time for some primary challenges in this state.