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Advocates Say Illinois Ban on Private Immigrant Detention Centers, a 'Firewall' Against Trump's Attacks on Immigrants, Should Be Model for Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/24/advocates-say-illinois-ban-private-immigrant-detention-centers-firewall-against


This is a wonderful response!! Hope it spreads!! People do not have to take this abusive government. Hard and effective push back is essential.


To bad this didn’t include all private for profit detention. This is just another stem of a much larger problem.


"We will not allow private entities to profit off of the intolerance of this president. We will not allow local police departments [to] act as an extension of ICE. And we will ensure that every student in this state who wants to go to college should be able to do so without saddling themselves with debt for the rest of their lives."

Flyin-A! BRAVO!

The vulture capitalist model of life on earth is a malignant parasite. It feeds on the misery and created victimization of millions; war, drugs, education, health care, refugee crisis, all those and more created to generate profits for the connected! That model exploits without building anything except advantage for a few!

The Prison Industrial Complex has profited from the oppression and maltreatment of millions of men, women and especially children ripped from their parents/families, jailed for seeking safety.- whether the war on drugs/cannabis, or war on refugees or any other law or enforcement scam creating a steady supply of targets/perps to feed the PIC and obscenity of huge profits by connected crony groups, ALL such obscenities must be smashed and forever ended!

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But they have Christmas toy drives while making millions.


We simply cannot afford to pay for privatizing everything. Prisons, immigrant detention, military services, and VA healthcare are all less expensive than government run. Oh, and healthcare as a nation as well.

I did not realize these immigrant detention centers were for-profit. That is just disgusting. No wonder those kids haven’t been going anywhere. There’s no profit to be made if there’s no immigrants to be detained. Just disgusting… This is what makes “conservative” and “republican” bad words and a way to hurl an insult at someone. To identify one’s self as conservative or republican is smearing shit on your own face.

Very confused by your post, as to the point you are making.

Kelly, the psycho killer that left the Trump Administration, and who worked with the White Supremacist Miller to formulate this sick policy against immigrants, is a principle investor as I understand it in a private prison building corporation that is now contracted with building prisons for these kids.

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When fascists come in the have grandiose ideas about revamping whatever economy. They re-style gov agencies, and in doing this they desire to flagrantly exercise their own power AND get the subsidizing + the profits when they privatize the agencies. The sad fact is the Dollar Church has been gaining ascendency ever since Gingrich. You look at all this crap from the Strait of Hormuz to Fort Sill Oklahoma, and you realize it is all of a piece. The thing has been creeping forward for years, and now we get to see how it acts when it goes into 5th gear. Look at what the Democrats were doing when this thing was creeping forward…pretending. Yes, I could think strategically AND VOTE for Sanders or Warren. I would do it before voting green due to strategy (unless poll numbers change, which it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna). And I’m say’n now I’ll do it…as a matter of strategy. You want any of this crap stopped, and YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR A DEM THAT’LL CHANGE THINGS versus a Dem that’ll pretend (Biden). I was reading this stuff during Obama’s term. Trafficked women would apply for asylum, and it wouldn’t work. They’d get deported, and their handlers would send’em back across the border again. But I see Naomi Klein’s point. It isn’t really a matter of defending one Dem candidate. It’s a matter of opposing the scapegoating, opposing the oil environment, and opposing the oil WARS (whether their aim is long term to grab the oil, or short term to slow production yonder to drive up the price of what we’re producing here [see Parsi + Tverberg], or short and long.



I took it to be a typo or mistype and meant to say ‘when’ instead of ‘than.’ But, you are right, the way it reads, at the moment, is contradictory.

Speaking of typos…my first sentence up there should have been…

When fascists come in the have grandiose ideas about revamping whatever economy


The Mueller findings should figure in immediate impeachment hearings but not be the center.
Family separation should be the first topic. Donald Trump would separate Jesus from Mary-- he wouldn’t care. The Founders had moral failure, not just legal infraction, in mind.