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Advocates Welcome 'Inspiring' Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act as 'Exactly What America Needs Right Now'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/20/advocates-welcome-inspiring-ocean-based-climate-solutions-act-exactly-what-america


Lucky for the oceans these are not a bunch of manipulative anthropogenic sycophants that think protecting 30% of the ocean from commercial interests without disrupting coastal communities is progress. Indeed.



Oh dear, now the needle on my sarcasm detector is playing percussion.

The global ocean, where more than 90% of anthropogenic heating goes, has been on my mind as I watch California incinerate, and wonder why. Fine folks out at NOAA have laid out a concept which explains much, the sluggish marine heatwave – manifesting as a more or less permanent feature of north Pacific surface waters: our infamous blob:


That sucka ain’t goin’ nowhere, apparently. Ocean restoration projects don’t begin to contemplate cooling the global ocean back down – how could they? This enormous marine heatwave blob imprints itself on the atmosphere as a more or less permanent high-pressure system, a clockwise-rotating anti-cyclone, freaking always due west of Cape Mendocino (California’s nose):


Western bands of that anti-cyclone dry us out and supercharge our fires. California got through some rough weather okay last week. But this diablo-wind machine isn’t letting up: Thursday looks dicey, I hear.


I validate your choice of percussion as a diagnostic method as sarcasm was my last resort conceptualizing not only this bill, but the groups supporting it.

Thank you for the well reasoned response and information. Understanding how this happens make better sense than what is purposed as to what to do about it.

Either way, I wouldn’t abandon those evacuation plans just yet.



The Colorado River, one of the longest rivers in the United States, is gradually shrinking. This is partly a result of overuse by municipalities and seasonal drought. The other reason is global warming

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Where was this during Obama’s or Bubba’s first term(s) in office when they had the congress too. Oh, yeah, wall street.