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Ady Barkan Urges Supporters to Back Call for 'A Real Healthcare Debate'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/ady-barkan-urges-supporters-back-call-real-healthcare-debate


From Healthcare-Now! - Yesterday, the American Medical Association - the largest association of doctors and medical students in the United States - took a big step towards dropping their decades-long opposition to single payer




Ady knows better than most of us how important healthcare is.

The only group that doesn’t believe that healthcare is a human right, are those whose only goal is to make us all pay excessively for it.


I doubt the centrist Pelosi Dems will organize a real national debate. I saw the previous televised debates and they seemed stacked with know-nothings trying to poke holes.

I tried a mini-debate on a centrist site called DailyKos here: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/8/13/1878601/-Medicare-For-All

I was impressed with what appeared to be a progressive response to the poll at the bottom of the article. However the dailykos site works by selecting viewerships based on pre-identified interest in “tags” for healthcare and MFA.

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Kos is personally a neoliberal. So his rag is that, too.

Nothing “centrist” about them, other than their support for progressive politics that elevate affluent females and persons of color to more affluence.


Thanks for posting the pettition I just signed up


I think @Giovanna-Lepore posted it but it wasn’t working. just helping out

and Yep, I signed up to


Kos was a Clinton stooge all the way. I stopped going there in 2015


As long as Pelosi is involved there will never be a meaningful discussion of Medicare for all or any other medical care program that reduces the profits of the private healthcare industry. She is their chief shill. She is owned by the private healthcare industry.


Is he talking about ABC giving up the profits from 30 second sound bites and Pharma ads by having a real debate? Never going to happen. The last thing corporate media wants is giving Bernie two hours to tear apart and humiliate Biden, Harris, Booker and Buttigieg on health care.


I so wish that were true. Most of my extended family and in law family, right wing neighbors and a number of work colleagues think and say often that healthcare is NOT a right. Of course they all have good healthcare plans ( as full disclosure do my spouse and I) and so far no disastrous financial/employment crisis has befallen any of them…
I have posted this info before - my son is desperately trying nonstop to find a full time job with healthcare and is working two part time jobs as well as under the table odd jobs and STILL only qualifies for Medicaid. And none of our family apparently give an flying f-ing damn about about the fact if a Rethug gets in our state might pull out of the Medicaid expansion and he loses health insurance( ps - his odd jobs are often for this extended family who constantly tell me they ‘ think the world of’ him …). He has a serious kidney condition and very expensive meds so insurance is literally vital. Clearly as his parents we will spend every last one of our dimes to see he gets any care he needs but I often wonder how that benefits society if he and us are financially ruined?
It has permanently poisoned my relationship with said families over their attitudes and votes that directly HURT my kid. We do less and less with them and I pretty much keep to myself at family events now.


late better than never - here too.

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It’s more than just a shame that we, all of us in the United States, have allowed ourselves to be divided into groups, for or against anything and everything. Life is hard enough just living day to day with all the challenges we face. When those in our governing bodies find it is their sole mission to make us divided, and keep us that way, well, that’s evil.

The Duopoly has done us all a great diservice by dividing us and keeping us that way.

It took me years to come to that realization, and I will not support that evil.

And it is evil.

You are not alone in this circumstance that we find ourselves in. Many, are in much more dire straits.

We all do the best we can.

I do not have any of my own children, yet I have seen the anguish and pain my folks suffered when I lost my only brother at a much too young age.

Blessings to you Merf, and all those you hold dear.


As Larry the cable guy would say, “Let’s gitter done.”
Nobody in the upper echelon wants to get things done quickly, or else we would be after them to do other projects more quickly.
It’s usually not a good thing from their outlook. It often means giving something up. Against the grain of money changers.

KOS is a DNC shill organization and acts to keep ALL Dems coralled.

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There are no shortage of issues not being discussed.seriously on push media. It’s not going to happen this year, though. You have to be willing to vote against the people who run this farce and to flip off the TV and go compare sources online as well.

he’s also a person. a nice guy, actually. but definitely on the wrong team.

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So sorry to hear of the added and unnecessary suffering you and your family must endure because of the immorality of the recalcitrant Republicans and the calcified Democrats maintaining their decades long stand-off which profits them and the corrupt corporations maintaining each of them in their refusal to represent, protect and defend the people and the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of health and happiness. :heart:

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Good idea, thanks.