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Aetna Threatened to Quit Obamacare if Feds Blocked Humana Merger


Aetna Threatened to Quit Obamacare if Feds Blocked Humana Merger

Nika Knight, staff writer

Healthcare giant Aetna directly threatened the federal government by vowing to pull out of Obamacare if its proposed merger to Humana was not approved, revealed a letter by the company's CEO sent in July and reported on Wednesday.


Let the merger happen, then nationalize the combined company and put Medicare in charge.


Bernie backing a corporate stooge in 2016: THIS IS WHAT CORPORATE CONTROL LOOKS LIKE!


While the AynRanditnistas extoll the amazing healing powers wielded by the invisible hand of the market, the rest of us hear it snapping on a latex glove and see it reaching for the Vasoline.


A Hillary presidency would give corporations control over government in pay to play DC. Bernie, you endorsed the wrong candidate. Vote Jill Stein.


"The health of the American people should not be used as bargaining chips to force the government to bend to one giant company's will.": No, under Obamacare our health is being used as one gigantic bargaining chip by a multitude of corporations who got their way. Is it at all possible that Obama and his apologists did not foresee this?


I listen to Hartmann, Rhodes and Goldman: there is no difference between libertarians and neoliberals. When is someone going to say it?


Very true. The problem is capitalism. Period.


No, they resisted it mightily, but it was those companies that got this halfway measure put in place instead of real health care. They figured they could get it repealed through threats like this, through demonstrating that it would fail.

There are elements that they cannot get back though, like the numbers of us who no longer fear becoming uninsurable because of preexisting conditions. We may still be scrambling to cover the copays, but we have some security on the road to real health care. Work for that instead of complaining about the steps the insurers can't get back behind.


No, they didn't quite. And they didn't manage to dial it back to the old days of uninsurability. They still can't, threats and all. The insurers are the ones scrambling. Universal health care will come just because somebody's got to provide the care.


Jill Stein is the only one who knows what she is talking about. Single payer is the only answer. Everything else is a waste. Obama care is a failure. That's all there is.


My thoughts exactly- perfect timing!


And yet Hartmann is backing the queen of neoliberals.....Hillary.
How does he square that circle?


This link does not go to a source for the headlined quote. And as the following quote (not sure the source) makes clear, the bulk of that support was in her Senate career. So let's settle down and stay on topic. Aetna / the current DoJ standing up to them / Obamacare. I didn't see a quote in the article from HRC.


Calm the f*** down.
Bernie's state of Vermont passed a statewide single-payer universal health care system that he proposed and pushed.
It failed.

Do you know why?


Hillary will never propose that a single-payer universal health care system be set up in the US as long as she's the president.
Because she's a Capitalist (neoliberal) who believes that there are actually such things as "free markets."
She's wedded to the Capitalist ideology which is why she has the support of the oligarchy.
At her advanced age there is no talking her out of her erroneous beliefs.
Besides the health insurance companies have given her far too much money for her to ever cross them.


I think this excellent piece, posted by Townsend12 yesterdaay, merits reposting. It is spot on, imho.


So I guess you're the expert on everything now?


Sorry, I can't follow all of its patchwork of quotes, and since it's from May, I don't see the relevance to the article we're discussing.


Single Payer was never going to happen under the neoliberal government of Obama and Clinton. It is of course the only real way to fix the problems with the ACA. The ACA helped some and hurt others.
My sister went through chemo and colon cancer surgery with a rather low copay. Then the ACA decided her plan wasn't good enough and forced her to buy into the exchange. She now pays double what she paid under the old policy and has higher copays. Ask her how much she likes the ACA.
I figure if the TPP is passed this won't be a problem for Aetana.