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Affirming Belief That Waters Are for Drilling and Pillaging, Trump Erases Ocean Protection Policy

Affirming Belief That Waters Are for Drilling and Pillaging, Trump Erases Ocean Protection Policy

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump Administration's "assault on our oceans" continued on Tuesday with an executive order that rescinds an Obama-era policy aimed at bolstering the health of the oceans and the Great Lakes.

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As the oceans die, so do humans.


I won’t go into my normal rant about the Deepwater disaster, regulars here know the story, but just incase he reads this…Sen. Markey, please do some research on the subject, Deepwater was no accident.


Keelhaul the fucker on Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso. That would be poetic justice.


tRumpmonkey needs to face a trial and then get put against the wall… with its dung like supporters.


Trump the Israeli puppet Destroyer leaving death and destruction in his blubbering wake. Organized mafia criminal, four time casino bankrupt the system freeloader, liar extroidinaire, master slimeball polluter, no empathy dipshit, the worst of the worst, in short a dangerous psychopathic idiot.

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The rich will survive less bothered by the billions alive today who do not.

Direct Democracy

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And the human wrecking ball goes to work again. He is systematically destroying the natural environment, democratic institutions in the US, and the safety net. And he’s not through yet. As long he he destroying stuff liberals care most about who is going to stop him. His supporters blame liberals for all their problems, too many blacks getting jobs, too many Hispanics period, too many Muslims entering the US. too many social programs for the disadvantaged, the separation of church and state,etc.


I don’t have any info to back this up, but as I guess, my totally hypothetical guess, is that oceans, particularly in the Arctic and Greenland and the Antarctic have been getting some extra help on warming. As in maybe microwave from satellites, maybe the black soot I’ve seen spread across the ice in some Greenland photos.

Why melt it? Shipping, access to Russia and Canada, and for gosh sake, "Drill, Baby , Drill?!! "
What famous American hero did I just quote?