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Affirming Jim Crow, Israeli Parliament Votes Down Bill Guaranteeing Equality for Palestinian-Israelis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/20/affirming-jim-crow-israeli-parliament-votes-down-bill-guaranteeing-equality

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Always remember that the vast majority of American politicians support Israeli racism and if you criticize Israel for dropping bombs on brown children in Gaza then you are guilty of antisemitism.



Hi UnclePo:

America is failing Palestine and the world and Israel is failing itself and the Palestinians.

The Jews’ Talmud (believed by a LARGE MAJORITY of the world’s Jews, 65-85%, whether religious or not) clearly states that non-Jews are animals made in human form to better serve Jews - that is the only value Goyim (non-Jews) have on Earth.

So, the Jewish state’s Knesset (parliament/congress) would see no reason to grant their cattle (real humans) equality.

Zionism is based on the Talmud’s Satanic “values”, which proclaim, among other things, that Jesus is in Hell, being boiled in excrement, that children (even Jewish children) may be used sexually by any male Jew after the age of three, that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a prostitute and Jesus was a bastard.

The six-pointed star, used as the icon of Zionism, was, until 1895 and the first Zionist Congress, the centerpiece of the Rothschild family crest for centuries and was, in ancient times, the Star of Remphan/Moloch/Satan. Calling it the “Star of David” is obscene.

I would be in favor of those laws if Arab/Muslim countries gave the same rights to their Jewish citizens. Oh, wait, there are no more Jewish citizens in most Muslim countries–they’ve been attacked, pushed out, exiled, their property taken, and/or not even allowed in. When Malaysia gives equal rights to Jews (so that Jews don’t have to register as Christians) or when Jordan stops preventing Jews from becoming citizens or owning land, then we’ll talk.

Start talking:



Jews are protected by the current Iranian constitution.