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Affirming Trump 'Is Not a King,' Federal Court Rules President Acted Unlawfully by Declaring Emergency to Obtain Wall Funding

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/11/affirming-trump-not-king-federal-court-rules-president-acted-unlawfully-declaring


False King, False President, False Human Being.

Deserving of Real Punishment.


“Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Wall!”


While these two judicial rulings sound as if some efforts to pushback on the harmful practices of the past two and a half years, I fear this is too little to late. So much deregulation and spewing of hateful words is going to be very difficult to reverse.

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Hate has no place in the political world.

Hate has no place in humanity.

Those who believe they have a right to hate, are destined for a hot spot which will make them contemplate their previously human experience.


When are the people who are in a position to do something about Trump going to stop fucking around and actually do something? Pelosi and the rest of the gutless wimps in the Democratic Party are moving too slow and not going after Trump on all fronts. Everything that son of a bitch is doing is illegal, immoral and self-serving. This is not about getting re-elected it’s about stopping the destruction of the US Constitution and everything it stands for. Trump is in the process of over-throwing the US Government for Christ’s sake. He’s a traitor, career criminal and a scum-bag of the first order and he has to be stopped and stopped hard.

Pony Boy I piss on all organized religion and everything it stands for. There is no heaven or hell and all of that bullshit. Grow the fuck up. It’s the god-damned Christians who helped elect this bastard and are ready to do it again.

In my opinion in the end he should be tried and hanged for treason and it should be televised. We need closure with this son of a bitch. And a warning to the rest of the criminals in government who are supporting him.