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'Affront to Justice': Activist Faces Year in Jail for Laughing During Sessions Hearing


'Affront to Justice': Activist Faces Year in Jail for Laughing During Sessions Hearing

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sixty-one-year-old Desiree Ali-Fairooz, an activist with the anti-war group CodePink, faces up to one year in jail for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' January confirmation hearing.


You're not surprised are you? You're living in a fascist state. It has been for quite awhile before Trump. He's just making it more obvious.

By the way. What happened to that article about Feinstein? Sure went away in a hurry. Makes you wonder.


A pretty sad comment on the role of the jury in seeking the truth and justice. This jury was bought and sold by the government. A shameful verdict demonstrating the complete absence of democratic values in today's jury pool.


Putting links in the article, bad move if they do not support the headline ...from the headline and the article I was convinced she was convicted for laughing.

" Protester Faces Year in Jail for Laughing During Sessions Hearing"

Then i click the HuffPo link in the article and read this:
"She did not get convicted for laughing. It was her actions as she was being asked to leave," the jury foreperson said.


This sounds really familiar. Oh, that's right. I read about stuff just like it in "The Gulag Archipelago".


Must have been Trump voters ....


Asked to leave? Or "escorted out" - she didn't start spiting off until she was being dragged out ...


Fascist police state amerika will only get worse; for now. WE must not give up! We can rise together; and overcome!


Well, to be fair... she was in room where serious business was being conducted and was disrupting it with her snickering. She showed disrespect to the people conducting the hearings and to her fellow audience members who were actually there to listen to the hearing and not to her giggling. "spontaneous. It was an immediate rejection of what I considered an outright lie or pure ignorance.". Seriously? I bet a 61 year old woman could exercise a little more self control. It was all just for show.


SHE showed disrespect for the monkeys doing their business?!? What about the disrespect THEY showed for the principles of the USA, and all those who died trying to defend and uphold our principles!
This present regime in power got there only by illegally disenfranchising millions of people, and STILL they were about three million votes short of a majority. No principled person shows respect for corruption like that. EVERYBODY in the room should have been screaming "NO SESSIONS!"


No respect is show to the People; who are getting crushed by fascist police state amerika!


"Serious business" - indeed, appointing a Southern racist to the position of AG Is serious business- unfortunately her barely heard snicker interrupted nothing at all - what was coming out of their mouths was far more disruptive of the serious business of enforcing the law ,,,,,

Too bad she didn't pass some flatus, loudly - would she have been escorted out for that - sometimes what comes out of the top end is just as involuntary as what comes out of the bottom .. notice there was a lull between the barely heard snicker and the commotion that ensued when the police "escorted" her put - if they had just said something like "shhhh" there might well have been no "interruption" at all ....


They made Sessions AG! If that doesn't deserve a laugh what in the hell does? The guy is a confirmed knuckle dragger.


Serious business? Are you kidding? The only serious business done in congress is the advancement of fascism and destruction of the US Constitution.


Were any republican hecklers hauled off and arrested during the Obama years? No. Hauling off and arresting dissenters is an example of the police state of the republicans. That's the over-reach and intrusive gov't of your beloved republicans. Sessions and anyone rump hires deserves no respect.


I'm not exactly sure how to take this. I remember watching a twilight zone when i was a kid, in syndication of, about this dude...hang on. Let me find this on Youtube. https://youtu.be/kxIp5rYr-4w. The Obsolete Man. For some weird reason, this popped in my head reading this article. I would assume that the society this episode portrays would match the mentality of the society that thinks laughter is a jailable offense. Great episode. One i have watched many times. The script is excellent. The teacher also played the librarian, or was he a banker, with the glasses that broke in the episode where the world ended and he had the time to read. The irony of that one is like the irony of Trumpcare passing in the House and millions lose their healthcare. Maybe more along the lines of demented than irony.


Looks like all you guys agree with that kind of behaviour. Did it help that lady? She got her ass hauled out and solved nothing. Just keep it up... see what happens.


Oh Jesus Christ, let's get this straight. When a person goes to a government function seeking to protest the actions of government representatives, either by snicker, giggle, or farting. expect to be hauled out of the proceedings and taken to jail. As for the example here, get ready to spend a year in the slammer. Been there, done that, bologna sandwiches and brown water for coffee, four-star.

But that's the point you see. You must plan that year in jail, or two or three for that protest. The strategy is this...fill their god-damn jails to over filling. The pot heads did it the resistance can do it to. Fill 'em full. Create jobs for jailers. Eat all the food. Get sick and see lots of doctors....make the state spend money here...lots of it. They will tire of the game as profits dwindle: Why? because we are on the inside, not on the outside spending money of stuff we really don't want or need.

Let them eat cake and see how they like it.



And if she hadn't had her as hauled out what would that have "solved"? - she didn't go there to "solve" anything ...

You sound like a nice obedient fellow - do as you are told by the authorities - don't make waves - just the type the duopoly counts on to retain hegemony .....


Thank you, exactly what i was pointing out.

I'm not sure you wanna get into that kind of contest with me.