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'Affront to Justice': Pentagon Finds Kunduz Bombing Not a War Crime


'Affront to Justice': Pentagon Finds Kunduz Bombing Not a War Crime

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Defense on Friday released its redacted report on the military's deadly October 2015 airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which found that the bombing was a mistake—and thus, not a war crime—a conclusion which human rights groups called "an affront" to justice and accountability.


It is high time, that the murderous conduct of our government be stopped. If we keep voting for war mongers in government, we are all guilty!


“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country” JFK
“We came. We saw. He died. Ha Ha Ha” Hillary Clinton.

What do you expect from a corrupt government and military?


The long history of colonization and forging of terminologies of empire - seeing every societal structure in its own image(ination), is and has been instructed through text books and institutionalized academia for centuries. The basic message being thou shalt not be who you are with your own traditional understanding and knowledge.

It is heartbreaking to realize that ‘its the economy stupid’, with all else secondary to a projection of priorities that usurp, twist, rename, erase, take, criminalize, - a mirror world so enamored with its own reflection and legacy of ill gotten gains that so dependably creates enemies - absolutely prerequisite to all of the rhetorical bridges to nowhere. In order to exist the mirror world must constantly expand and homogenize in its image - otherwise it must face the reality that only the diversity it ‘externalizes’, in order to take it over, is what is actually sentient and alive. The sack of hammers looking for nails leaves us with just that - replication of sacks of hammers looking for nails. It leaves devastation in its wake at every turn.

We need to be focusing on completely halting and overhauling this narcissistic model. Good heavens - what could be accomplished with the resources and energy squandered by the jug-headed juggernaut. There is only one sure thing about it: it will ALWAYS CREATE ENEMIES and devastation. It has no capacity to foster the vision and collaboration around the world so sorely needed to implement appropriate technology by the peoples in the areas in which they live. INSTEAD OF WEAPONS


Two US Air Force A-10 warplanes carried out airstrikes on Aleppo Wednesday, destroying nine facilities, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported. The same day, the Pentagon accused Moscow of bombing two hospitals, despite no Russian flights over the city.

“Yesterday, at 13:55 Moscow time (10:55 GMT), two American A-10 assault aircraft entered Syrian airspace from Turkey, flew right to the city of Aleppo and bombed targets there,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

Also on Wednesday, Konashenkov referenced, the Pentagon’s spokesman, Colonel Steven Warren claimed that Russian warplanes allegedly bombed two hospitals in Aleppo.

“In his words, some 50,000 Syrian have been allegedly deprived of vital services,” Konashenkov said, pointing out that Warren forgot to mention either hospitals’ coordinates, or the time of the airstrikes, or sources of information. “Absolutely nothing.”



‘Affront to Justice’ Really?? There is no justice in war. War is an Affront to Humanity.


Its not fascism when we do it…or war crimes.

“We were just following orders”…nothing to see here, move along, move along…


There’s something very wrong going on here - somebody bombed the MSF hospital and killed doctors, women and children! US says it was the Russians - they deny it and blame the US - only Assad’s forces have not been blamed that I know of.

The Russians claim A-10 warthog(s) did the attack, but they are more designed for close air-support of troops & anti tank than bombing a city hospital - but still very capable depending on what they are carrying in addition to the integral gattling-gun. The article below said an A-10 was behind the Kunduz MSF attack last year, but by all accounts that was a C-130 gunship, not an A-10 - an entirely different animal - that false claim must be a mistake.

Its easy to commit war crimes/atrocities and then deny responsibility. Bottom line is the innocents are dead and no one will be held to account…


Heinrich Himmler: hey Adolf! I have an idea let us commit war crimes! you know line peoples against the wall and shoot them or cook them in ovens!

Adolf Eichmann: hey what a great idea. Committing war crimes is what defines us as Nazi’s!

I kind of doubt any such conversation ever took place so when those crimes committed there never was an intent to commit war crimes.

So according to the Pentagon unless such conversations happen there can be no war crime.

A question to the Pentagon. If a person plants bombs in a school this killing 200 children and claims his intent was only to destroy the building , was the only crime committed one of property damage and would you suggest a letter of reprimand?


The targeting of hospitals is deemed a war crime


The US military bombed Kunduz Hospital over an hour long period knowing it a Hospital

This constitutes a warcrime.


Actually, I wonder if, perhaps, this statement by the Pentagon is in fact an admission of its own criminal policies: "John Sifton, the Asia policy director of Human Rights Watch, told the New York Times on Friday that Votel’s “assertion that a war crime must be deliberate, or intentional, is flatly wrong.”

After all, those generals, admirals, and their civilian clerks all know that we expect nothing from them but obfuscation, deliberate confusion, misleading calculations, propagandistic stance dancing, and spin artistry, no matter what the question or the issue.

Remember, those folks have failed to balance their own books for as long now as anyone has records, and none of our public servants finds that inappropriate. Why should they make even a pretend effort to deliver the truth about anything? Ultimately, who cares enough to cut their budget?


Cui bono? Certainly not the Russians or the Assad government by bombing a hospital. Seems to be just another of a long list of false flag operations carried out by the U.S. and Nato. Part of there MO is bombing Hospitals. Do you remember a while back some mysterious War planes bombed and killed a good number of Syrian army soldiers? The U.S. and Nato were pointing the finger that Russia bombed the Syrian Army. Russia then provided proof that it was Nato planes that were the only combat aircraft in the area the Syrian army was bombed.


The Pentagon has changed their BS story so many times they cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
The C-130 gunship that attacked the Kunduz MSF hospital is equipped with video and audio recorders and the article below speaks to that evidence.
Beside the hospital being well-known, repeatedly identified and GPS located by all forces, the C-130 has state of the art communications and night vision and all manner of electronic crap available and they have the gall to still claim “fog of war”? BS!


So never ask for permission, just ask for forgiveness.


If the war was not an accident then all that follows are not accidents.


The Pentagon is an inveterate finger-pointer, blame-passing group of millionaire generals/admirals…NEVER admit wrong, NEVER!


The Pentagon definition of war crimes is when someone else committed them.


The certain extinction of civilizaton in a nuclear holocaust and the increasing probability of such renders the Just War Doctrine and the Geneva Conventions irrelevant. Nurture, not Nature, is the source of war mongering and devasting attacks. Study how little children behave in sharing, playing together, ignoring authority and quickly reconciling offenses before they are inculturated into selfish, greedy aggression and mindless fear-based obedience.


Of course Russia would never cover up them bombing a hospital. Right?

Their analysts know very well blaming the US always works. Looks at it this way: if the story still gets milked months later, it was probably US (see Kunduz hospital). If it disappears from the news in a few days most it was either Syria or Russia getting a free pass.

Those guys know the psychology of western self guilt and use it to the max. Some people fall for it each and every time. Just go thru the comments here.


You’d be wrong. Ever heard of the Wannsee conference?


It went over your head. They did not sit down at Wanasee and say “lets commit war crimes”. As far as they were concerned what they did was perfectly fine.