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Afghan Troops Say Taliban are Brothers and War is "Not Really Our Fight"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/16/afghan-troops-say-taliban-are-brothers-and-war-not-really-our-fight

Wow, that is truly amazing. An Afghan taxi deriver is wiser than any one in the Pentagon.
Remember that ancient lesson America, that every nation has an end----and spending endless amounts of money on stupid and nonsensical wars—is one of the reasons that Rome fell too, and Constantinople, and after WW 2 the UK nearly imploded—so what’s up next, generals? Don’t you guys think it’s time to be honest?
All that endless and non winnable wars do is to hurry the implosion of any and all nations. : (


Prior to the US intervening in Afghanistan, the Socialist Government there had implemented a number of measures to help the peoples of that Country.

The Burqa was banned. Women and girls were allowed to attend schools and university. Many trained to be doctors and lawyers and teachers. Highways and other infrastructure was build to provide electricity and allow Afghans to move city to city on modern road systems. Hospitals and schools were built. Cultural icons were protected and restored.

Like Fascists throughout history the Government of the United States of America did not think the peoples of Afghanistan warranted these things and they sponsored the Fundamentalists to overthrow the Socialist Government. After the Socialists toppled the US helped provide intelligence to the Taliban Government as to which people should be eliminated because they had Socialist leanings.

The US helped turn Afghanistan into a shithole.

The same thing happened in Libya yet you are one of those voices that constantly attacks Socialists going so far as to suggest that when the Government of Greece killed 50000 Civilians because they were Socialists, you deemed it warranted.


Of course we won’t be leaving. Too lucrative for a lot of rich American Oligarchs.


President Ghani in January 2019 that over 45,000 Afghan troops had been killed since he took office in September 2014, and by all accounts 2019 was even deadlier.

2018 had 16,000 afghan soldiers and police killed.

The american soldiers are in garrison. Only a very few are out in the countryside. I had thought John Bolton had them at the ready to invade Iran from the east. From the west, he has plenty of our army in Kuwait.

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Maybe most taxi drivers.

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That works out to be a little better than one bomb or rocket every 33 square miles or so in 2019 alone. To make this easier to grasp, that’s a bit less than a 6 by 6 mile square. If you consider the other 19 years of combat, they’d be falling closer.

But of course, the tendency is to direct the bombs to where the people are, isn’t it?

The extent of this sort of obscenity is just boggling.


Life is cheap as long as it is not your own… and bombs aren’t. The profit is in bombs.

Those that profit have never been the target, nor is their ethnicity, religion, family, or home worried it will be by the weapons they make and sell.

No, the target(s) are those we dehumanize with travel bans, racist fears, and most of all… those that would speak up against what we do to profit from killing them.


Actually the US uses hand strings (as in puppets) all of the time. But I think you meant strong hand to keep them in check.

That has been the problem all along. Strong hands are only needed to squash a people. Not to help them. And the US goal has NEVER been to help anyone except those that own the US government.

What needs to be kept in check is the US aggression for profit and world dominance. The rest of the world would be much better off if we would stop telling everyone what to do under threat of endless war, and let them decide how to build what they have.

If we hadn’t already burned so many bridges, many might look to us as friends. But those days are long gone. We are the pariah. The infection that is killing not only us, but the rest of the world.


Next debate ask those turkeys which countries the US is at war with. wonder how many names we will get?

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Uhh…I don’t think “we” have tried it yet.


In the good ole USA you can say any stupid shit you want about socialism largely without fear of being shown what an ignorant ass you are.


Hi bardamu:

YES you are correct! Taxi drivers are drive the people of many economic levels and hear the people’s thoughts—maybe Congress should take more taxis and learn more about WE the People. : )

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a great suggestion—no more limousines!


But will the taxi drivers agree? If I were a driver, and some of them flagged me down… I would say “Sorry, want me to call you an Uber Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff?”


The “food and energy shortage stuff” that you mention will happen no matter what.
as climate change accelerates. The Oligarchs won’t suffer nearly as much as the
rest of us, however, without some degree of democratic socialism.

BTW, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Finance, Big Oil, Big Tech and the MIC have already been
enjoying their own variety of Socialism for some time now. Their portion is huge. Our portion is tiny…

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Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:

Oh yes, what Havoc the US and Israel have foisted upon he world. : (
Of course, the UK has been equally awful too. Afghanistan—I saw old pictures where in the 1960s it looked modern—and then Libya—where the culture was developed the living style was much higher for more people----education was developed… oh but wait, yes Gaddafi wanted to work out a gold standard with other African nations-----and well… yes heatless Hillary—America came, and saw a nation growing in power—and wiped it out. War is killing the planet and sadly, it’s killing you too America. : (