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Afghanistan: A Military Mission That Never Fails to Fail


Afghanistan: A Military Mission That Never Fails to Fail

Nick Turse

Last year, an internal report commissioned by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the agency that oversees Voice of America and other U.S. government-supported foreign news outlets, examined the “perception of U.S.


I wouldn’t call this a US occupation. The US probably only has enough troops in Afghanistan to occupy a few square miles of Kabul. The country is controlled by the Afghan government is some places, and particularly in Kabul, and the Taliban in other places. It does remain a mess. It appears impossible for the Afghan government to take complete control of the country through military means. In the past the government has been so corrupt that many people have actually found it as bad as the Taliban. So it seems what is needed a a dramatic reduction of corruption in the government and a political settlement with the Taliban to end the conflict. Unless those two things happen it is hard to see how the fighting will end.


But are we getting the opium out of there? I’ll bet that that is well-protected.


According to the map, we are where we want to be. The only difficulty is in providing the excuses necessary to stay where we are with Iran between us.


Excellent Article. Such clear thinking. Cheers!!!

The sad part is that the same propaganda machine works here a little bit to well. Just like we have the best health care in the world.


The Soviet Union did far more to help the Afghani people the the US government has. They built schools, waterways, improved the peoples lives in general, etc. The real so called war there got started when the CIA armed wait for it…insurgents led by…Osama Bin Ladin! The CIA built a big network of tunnels, yes the same tunnels that Trump dropped the MOAB bomb on destroying a classified number of lives. The Opium trade as far as I can tell runs the Afghani economy with…the CIA in charge. These are facts hard to find but seem to be one of the main reasons the US remains. The other reason is that Iran and Syria are there and the US is constantly screwing with them, covertly of course.


Solution is to start off with a Loya Jirga (national assembly) where current Afghan govt leadership invites Quetta Shura, et al., i.e. Taliban/Haqqani leadership, to publicly announce complete U.S. withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, as a way to initiate meaningful peace talks - and U.S. agrees to withdraw - all to be held on the following conditions: that the Taliban leadership renounce the use of violence; work to secure peace, stabilization, development, and progress for Afghanistan; a call to lay down arms to compatriots & cease violence; to join current govt. (or at least work to form new unity govt.); engages in counter-terrorism operations against remnant AQ, holdover Talibs, and associated narco-terror, criminal gangs; and resolves long-standing Durrand Line border issues w/ Pakistan. This single event has potential to relieve one of Pakistan’s greatest existential fears- losing more territory- also a likely motive for development of strategic depth policies & use of VEOs (violent extremist organizations) vs. Afghanistan and India. If all goes well according to this peace plan, the U.S. & the international community, including donors, multilateral orgs., can perhaps offer the truly unified Afghan govt. additional techincal assistance & advice, as well as funding in the areas of, for instance, counterterrorism operations, development strategies, and economic planning. So that U.S. should be motivated to withdraw in order to re-engage an Afghanistan that is relatively more united and working together towards security and peace.


Those who do not remember History are compelled to re-live it. — George Santayana

PBS is currently broadcasting Ken Burns’ new documentary on the history of our involvement in the War in Vietnam.  One might hope that watching this series would take care of the ‘remembering’ part, and that “our” government would learn from its obvious mistakes.  One MIGHT hope – but it’s pretty unlikely, IMHO.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. — Albert Einstein


If forever war is the goal, then the wars have succeeded. There is considerable evidence that forever is the real goal, and very little evidence it is not.

As for claims to the contrary, remember OJ said he didn"t do it.


" Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result."

Not the way the war profiteers see it! To them, doing the same thing over and over again and getting the result that they expect ( huge war profits) is exactly what they want and from their point of view… is not insanity!