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Afghanistan Again? The American Military’s Repetition-Compulsion Complex


Afghanistan Again? The American Military’s Repetition-Compulsion Complex

Ann Jones

Here we go again! Years after most Americans forgot about the longest war this country ever fought, American soldiers are again being deployed to Afghanistan. For almost 16 years now, at the command of three presidents and a sadly forgettable succession of generals, they have gone round and round like so many motorists trapped on a rotary with no exit.


Unless it has nothing to do with winning, per se, and everything to do with increasing the profits of the MIC.



It could be called the war Bernie Sanders will not mention. It is as if the war is his kryptonite.

The Taliban seems to be in two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That is one reason that they are seemingly virtually impossible to defeat because when things go badly for them in Afghanistan they flee into Pakistan where they regroup. The Pakistan army sometimes goes after them in the uncontrolled areas of western Pakistan on a limited basis. The only solution would seem to be a negotiated political solution in which the Taliban get some role in Afghanistan. But so far that has not been possible to achieve.


Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.


Afghanistan is not a country; it’s a tribal region,


See the photo with this article? I promise you that Ann Jones knows more, much more, about Afghanistan than all five of those grinning fools combined!


As the widow of a USAF Officer, I wonder if it will EVER end.


That’s the problem though. The MIC knows exactly the result. More profits for the rich and less for the poor.


Right, Afghanistan’s 8000 man army that enlists 16 year old boys is going to be hard to beat, a couple more trillion dollars ought to do it though.


Look at a map! Our presence in Afghanistan is the same as our continuing presence in Iraq!

Iran lies between them!


My thanks to Ann Jones for her recounting, from experience, of our stupid, costly, arrogant presence in Afghanistan. She is a good resource, unlike so many in the military and professional contractor/‘expert’ class who keep us there while we keep on killing civilians and messing up a culture and place that isn’t ours.
I guess the plan/hope is that those Afghans left will become compliant with our ruling the world? Ann suggests; maybe not.


Waiting for her to mention the reason for this new surge: Trump’s determination to start mining Afghani ore and compete with the Chinese. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Taliban or the well being of the nation: he wants that ore. Having been an officer’s wife for almost 2 decades, I have to say I doubt very much those generals are going back in because they want to claim victory this time; they are duty bound to obey the orders of the CIC, and will find what they consider the best means to achieve the sought-after outcome. Just as Vietnam had nothing to do with defeating Communism except that it presented an obstacle to colonialism.


Well Duh!!
The Brits drew the Durand Line (the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan) right through the middle of the tradtional Pashtun homeland, in all likelihood a deliberate move to weaken the most powerful tribe in the region. So of course the “Taliban” run back and forth across the border - it isn’t their border!!

Of course this is a fact neither The Empire nor its toadies in the media want you to know.


It’s not an American “war” - it’s an American occupation, in both senses of the word.


In 1914, French general Foch, when asked how many British soldiers he would like to come to France, replied, “Just one, but I will make sure to kill him.” That is, once you have blood in the game, it is politically difficult to leave. Also, brush up on your Kipling, “The Great Game is over when everyone is dead, not before.” and “Here lies a fool who tried to hustle the East.”


Look at maps both then and now.