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Afghanistan: America's Shameful War


Afghanistan: America's Shameful War

Eric Margolis

An ancient Hindu prayer says, ‘Lord Shiva, save us from the claw of the tiger, the fang of the cobra, and the vengeance of the Afghan.’

The United States, champion of freedom and self-determination, is now in its 18th year of colonial war in Afghanistan. This miserable, stalemated conflict is America’s longest and most shameful war. So far it has cost over $1 trillion and killed no one knows how many Afghans.



Is any war, not shameful?



2018 Nation article about the coveting of Afghanistan resources
Natural Resources Were Supposed to Make Afghanistan Rich. Here’s What’s Happening to Them.

" Why is the US still at war in Afghanistan after 18 years? First, because the politicians and generals involved won’t accept responsibility for a defeat and its huge cost. There is nothing more wasteful than a lost war. "

THIS is what gives US Citizen presence meaning in the streets in opposition to a war.



Margolis sez:
“Afghanistan must be allowed to return to its former obscurity.”

Just got a few more shovelsful of dirt to toss on the newest occupant of our graveyard, boss …



This issue should not be framed only in reference to Trump, of course. Never forget for a second that Obama succumbed to the same pressures from the war machine for a full eight years and, as Trump has done, even attempted to expand the war at times.

The most important issue, now, as far as ending this obscenity, is electing a President who will out an end to it. Which of the 20 or so Democrats running for that office can be counted on to stop the war? Remember, even Sanders at one point in the debates with Clinton said he supported Obama’s expansion of the war. The political reality is that the odds of the Democrats nominating an anti-war or even end-the-war candidate are about zilch. Remember, since the end of the Vietnam War, the Democratic party has had a knee-jerk aversion of appearing soft on defense.



The closing sentence really deserves to be " deconstructed " (to excuse the term). “Obscurity” is an adjective expressing the gaze of the observer/dominator - presumably US/us and Margolis. To the people of Afghanistan this must seem like a pompous assertion of domination of stating ‘what their proper place is’.
There is a difference between being recognized and it being asserted that the absence of violent domination deserves to be “obscurity” - it is in fact inextricable from being subjected to domination. Just because the dominator turns its covetous gaze does not mean that it remains the mouthpiece of defining the status of Afghanistan.
With all due respect to the work of Margolis, I tend to think he needs to be called out on this. It is the textual leveraging common to a propagandist.



Margolis gets it; the real reasons for this never-ending travesty.



When Alexander the Great went to enter that land that is Afghanistan ----the soothsayers rushed out and said," NO NO go back, you are entering the wrong gate. " It was a bad omen to enter the gate where the sun was setting…and so began the idea of GRAVEYARD of Empires-------so America, 18 years later-----you look right on schedule.

Maybe we should jail all the generals until they can figure out how to stop the implosion of their own empire.



Good article by Mr. Margolis, but I would change his narrative of: " $1 trillion in costs" to: $1 TRILLION IN WAR PROFITS!



The US is in Afghanistan so that present and former US mercenaries, present and former military members, can reap millions from controlling the opium and heroin trade that supplies the US and European addicts. US mercenaries and contractors, all of whom are military veterans, are running an international drug smuggling system all paid for and financed by US taxpayers. It’s the same system that ran the Vietnam war drugs into the US back in the day. No draft means that every military member is in fact, a mercenary and is a gun for hire. The truth is that the number of crimes committed by vets( former mercenaries) are higher then those of the non-veteran population, but that stat is not known nor discussed as it would reveal much about how US mercenaries with PTSD and no bakground checks, are getting hired as cops and are killing US citizens and committing major crimes at rates far above those of civilians who are not current or ex-mercenaries.



The leaders of Afghanistan told Johan Galtung in the Spring of 2001 that the country would be attacked by the United States in the fall of that year.

That certainly does not make the scenario of a “surprise attack” on New York on 9/11/01 appear likely.

Still, shouldn’t Margolis be saying, “America’s other shameful war”–or, perhaps, “America’s other, other, other shameful war”–and perhaps so on?

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Well, we showed the world now, didn’t we? It took almost 10 years to find bin Laden, but we did – hoo-ah! (And he may not have even been responsible.)

The world’s biggest superpower with the world’s largest military budget couldn’t find a six-foot-plus tall (rare in Afghanistan) sick man hiding in the hills or a cave, really? My guess is this was by design, there’s not much war profiteering off of efficiency aka success.

OBL served as a necessary target to get the country behind the invasion of Afghanistan by way of Iraq no less. With this country’s military and other resources we should have had OBL within the first week/month.

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Bin Laden was under house arrest in Pakistan. He was living in a sealed off compound on a military base. Obama paid to kill him and his family. Many other countries permit prisoners to live with their families

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I don’t believe this is correct. Bin Laden was probably being protected by the Pakistani military and lived about a mile from a military training facility in a one million dollar compound. Like up to 95% of Pakistanis OBL is a Sunni.

Around 24 people were living at the compound. The Obama administration claimed that three men, one of OBL’s sons and a woman were killed in the firefight that ensued when 25 Navy Seals stormed their way into the compound. Pakistan disputes that a woman was killed claiming that five men were killed, this includes OBL and one of his sons (the other three were security).

OBL’s family was not targeted.

The CIA was able to locate OBL’s most trusted courier (Al Qaeda) and had him followed which eventually led to the raid on the compound where OBL lived w/one (or more) of his wives and children.

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Only the people that the government has infected with fear believe in the Afghan occupation.
People like myself (I don’t wish judge others beliefs) thought we should have disembarked the sweltering heat of Afghanistan in less than one year.

The “freedom fighters” of Afghanistan, and those of Iraq, fought back in ways afforded them. Frankly I can’t find a single reason why I should believe the narrative spoon fed to us about anything to do with 9-11. And the aftermath.
Instead of a near 20 year struggle in Afghanistan we could have, should have, enlisted the aid of police, military, and a few U.S. Seal Teams to wipe out the training locations of the anti U.S.forces. Come to think of it, didn’t the U.S.Air Force take out those training facility’s? Not long after that we should have been packing our bags and heading home. Too many American’s are lost in a fog of war and can’t see a victory there. Righteously so.

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Have you seen any actual proof of this or simply taking the Obama press release to heart. There were reports from years earlier stating OBL was dead. The US gov’t has yet to provide any proof about this murder mission. Can’t ask the soldiers involved as they are mostly dead.

We will likely get proof of OBL’s death on the same news report that offers proof as to who committed the acts of 911.

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I have for many years followed and read the writings of Eric Margolis. His thinking and writing are top drawer.
If I knew where he published regularly I would subscribe.



Trump , listen to Eric. You will be re elected IF you take bold steps against the MIC. Expose the names of the war profiteers, all of them. The MSM zio propaganda machine, NYT and Wash Post work for Israel not the USA. AIPAC forces congress to lie about so-called enemies to create chaos in the Middle East. SAD state of affairs.



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