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Afghanistan: The Campaign's Forgotten War


Afghanistan: The Campaign's Forgotten War

Andrew Bacevich

Although hardly news, it bears repeating that the Afghanistan War stands as the longest in all of United States history. By election day, it will have entered its 16th year. Our next president will surely inherit the war there, just as Barack Obama inherited it from George W. Bush. Here is a situation where the phrase “endless war” is not hyperbole; it accurately describes reality.


"Afghanistan Good, Iraq Bad" was the mantra that provided one of the few issues on which candidate Obama differed from candidate Clinton in the 2008 primary, and in my opinion, provided the margin Obama needed to cinch the nomination. Clinton's Afghanistan Good, Iraq Good" just didn't cut it with many voters.

If Clinton is really campaigning on continuing Obama's legacy she should be championing Obama's opinion of the Afghanistan invasion.


In the 60's Afghani young women were attending medical school in Kabul, in 2015 85% of Afghani young women in Afghanistan have no formal education and are illiterate. End War! Vote Dr.Jill Stein M.D.


And the Taliban are there because the Carter administration sponsored the jihadists to overthrow the secular socialist government of Afghanistan in 1979, before the Russians came into the country


I thought we were in Afghanistan also because anthrax was sent to congress?
I always read ____________________ voted for the wars; always failing to mention the vote occurred after anthrax was sent to congress. Turns out it was US made Ames strain. I don't think Bin Laden penetrated our biotech labs. Dr. Ivans never confessed, the FBI never charged him, and handwriting analysis did not match. As well Ivans only had access to liquid anthrax, not dry spores. As well one of the mailings was highly weaponized or siliconized as it would float of a microscope slide, meaning it was made in a very high tech lab not in a garage. Only after Ivans died did the FBI say he was solely responsible; then FBI investigator Lambert filed a whistleblower lawsuit saying the investigation was fallacious.

The US has been bankrupted largely due to 2 wars and the Patriot Act draining our coffers; as such the Amerithrax attacks certainly deserve study.


cui bono?


Under Carter, Brzezinski founded Bin Laden. Obama studied under Brzezinski, and got his first job through him.
Then Obama 'killed'(?) Bin Laden that his professor founded; strange I dare say.


"...Islamist militants...first laid the basis for the 9/11 conspiracy."

I mean, aren't we all past this bullshit about it being anything other than an inside job, yet?