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Afghanistan's Dire Health Situation

Afghanistan's Dire Health Situation

César Chelala

As the war in Afghanistan shows no signs of abating, the health of the people in the country continues to be cause for concern. Afghanistan’s health care system is considered one of the worst in the world, and decades of war and international neglect have contributed to its deterioration. An estimated 6 million people, out of a population of 35 million, have no access or adequate access to health care.

I would add that before this conflict started there was 0% of the population with HIV. And little or no addicts with heroin addictions. I think you have to put some context to these thing besides no healthcare. As children are given Opium because there is no food. Measles has a very low mortality rate in healthy people. These are symptoms of extended war and eventually genocide. I usually like your articles very much but I found this one a little incomplete.


This is just sad.

Perhaps the reason we’re stuck in this war-with-no-end is because by losing we may be liable for war reparations and that would surely consume more than we have (nevertheless, we should try).

I side with the Aghan people. The US obviously in control of poppy production while killing native inhabitants who want their country back and get the hell out!

Most of the thinned can probably at least spell herd. Let’s start the thinning with people like you who can’t spell.


I hear the health of the tens of thousands that the US has killed over the years is especially poor.

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