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AFL-CIO Challenges Navient Corporation to Disclose Its Lobbying Spending



"The AFL-CIO demanded that student loan debt servicer Navient disclose its corporate spending on lobbying activity." They should demand that such activity be run out of town and branded financial parasitism and corruption of our national interests!
That education in our is held hostage to financial usury is not acceptable! That such an enterprise is even tolerated in our culture/nation is a measure of the corrupt influence of big-money and Vulture Capitalism that makes millionaires and billionaires of parasites on the backs of our citizens!
The AFL-CIO chose to remain neutral in this Prez race, but if they are really concerned with this and other issues of financial usury, fair pay and taxation, and economic/worker slavery, they should have stood-up and endorsed the only candidate that is speaking and fighting against such usury and worker oppression, Bernie Sanders!
Instead they followed the path of political and moral cowardice.........