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AFL-CIO, Nation's Largest Union Federation, Endorses Keith Ellison To Lead DNC


AFL-CIO, Nation's Largest Union Federation, Endorses Keith Ellison To Lead DNC

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the latest lift for Congressman Keith Ellison's effort to become next chair of the Democratic National Committee, the AFL-CIO on Thursday issued their official endorsement for the progressive lawmaker.

Federation president Richard Trumka said that after meeting with several candidates seeking its endorsement, the AFL-CIO's executive committee determined Ellison is the best individual to address the needs of its members and their families.


Ellison is another war monger. Who thinks the US and coalition of the killing should set up a no fly zone in Syria.


Keith Ellison, Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard are all heroes in my book. They all had much to lose, politically, by endorsing Bernie, and yet they were among the first to do so. Ellison already an established figure in Congress and the Democratic Party, Nina as a 'rising star' in Ohio and Tulsi as a vice chair of the DNC. They all took principled stands by endorsing Bernie. They are the ones, along with Bernie himself, that I will look to for principled and progressive leadership. No, they may not be 'pure' in all areas, but my hope is that they can be pushed to, and must be held accountable for, the fight for peace and justice in this country. If you are looking for 'pure' ideological politicians, they ain't out there. Take hold of the best there is and MAKE them go in the directions that call for peace and justice for all.


That is because he wants a nuclear war with Russia. Because that's what the Zionists want. You gotta play out the whole line.


It would seem that way to most people with commonsense.


That's If commonsense is defined as the belief system of the far right.


So? The AFL-CIO also endorsed Hillary.


You have a point?


Yes because we know how much the far tight is against war.


The Skeletons in Keith Ellison’s Display Case
Congressman Keith Ellison, candidate of progressive Democrats and many regressive Democrats for chair of the Democratic National Committee eagerly urged the illegal and disastrous violent overthrow of the government of Libya in 2011, which he celebrated as a success despite what it meant for the rule of law, despite all the death and suffering, despite the predictable instability and weapons proliferation to follow.


Ya, this is going to be the no-change change.

It's the way this system works. Some organization f-s up bad enough, all you have to do is get another (figure-) head and claim that now it's all changed for the better, it won't happen again, now they can be trusted.



Ahhh... giving PrpoperKnot new legs, I mean gams, er games.


Ellison is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. No wonder he's for a US and Coalition of the killing No Fly zone over Syria and Libya.


Excellent post. Agree with you 100%


Ho. Hum. In the eternal quest for a Democrat who would be responsible to the needs of citizens, once again the powers that be are about to fail the majority.

The likelihood of the Democratic Party appointing a "progressive" is next to zero. They will appoint another being who will kowtow to the same gods that Trump/Bush/Clinton/Obama follow-the billionaire class.


Very much against "Zionist" wars. Been known to kill a Jew for peace from time to time.


You got me.


Yup they're batting a thousand. A strangely odd collections of thoughts. Looks likes Trump's tweeter feed.


Not sure I understand the connection to the Muslim Brotherhood; but then, I don't know a lot about them. Can you clarify?