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AFL-CIO's Veteran Council Demands Resignation of Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs Chair Over Violent Clearing of Lafayette Square

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/afl-cios-veteran-council-demands-resignation-defense-secretary-and-joint-chiefs

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Trump wanting a heavy artillery parade for his 2017 inauguration foretold his every action thus far. Trump has had to cycle many appointees in most positions to maintain a cadre of rubber stampers surrounding him. Add this travesty to the list.


I posted this comment on another thread today to expand our knowledge of how the military is responding to Trump’s abuse of the US military in this crisis:

It seems that the US military may also be taking a knee on the side of the Constitution and the people.

“Retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, who resigned as President Trump’s defense secretary nearly a year and a half ago over policy differences, has issued an extraordinary critique of the White House’s handling of nationwide unrest, saying Trump has sought to divide Americans and warning against “militarizing our response” to the protests.”


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Everyone in this picture must resign. These Nazis deserve to be dealt with harshly.

These Nazis are killing American people with their authoritarian police state tactics.


As has been noted the abuse of power is being revealed as murderous. To use tear gas and other such chemicals DURING A FU$$ING PANDEMIC THAT COMPROMISES THE HUMAN RESPIRATORY SYSTEM AS ITS PRIMARY INDICATOR IS TANTAMOUNT TO PREMEDITATED MURDER.


It is beyond me why there is no one who is standing up for the people of this country. There are no balls to do the right thing.

When you do not do lead then you are leaving it up to the people. “The people shall and will lead. This may not be a gentle transition.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

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Jon has this story wrong!!
Monday clearing of the park was by secret service and DC park police, not active duty U.S. army nor local national guard.

Y’Know, I told Tom that Louis had heavily financed the colonies unjust rebellion against the protestant King George III. And Louis was a liberal !!

There was a wheat crop failure and the monopoly middlemen did not import replacement food.
The shop workers wives were ticked off. The keeper at the Bastille handed out weapons - then they killed him.

Just like now, Conagra, ADM, and others in America have consolidated and centralized meat production, slaughter, finished cuts and distributions.

Answer is to go back to decentralized, competative local meat markets.

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We need to write or call our senators and representatives expressing our solidarity with those in the street, and in opposition to brutal policing, official propaganda, and failure to support the citizens during this time of crisis.

History repeats. The Bonus marchers were violently evacuated from Washington when the Army under Gen Douglas MacArthur routed their peaceful protest. Do peaceful protests accomplish anything? Ask the marchers from 2003 when the ‘village idiot’ lied us into war in Iraq. The warmonger press led by the NYT propagandizes the masses for the benefit of the MIC. We do not want injustice of any kind especially wars for profit.

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