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Africa at the Crossroads: Time to Abandon Failing Green Revolution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/africa-crossroads-time-abandon-failing-green-revolution


Of course the world’s excessive – and still growing – population has nothing to do with creating these two crises. 
And South America isn’t far behind . . .


The Green Revolution was part of the neoliberal toolkit that together with IMF loans ensnared governments in debt traps that forced them to continually surrender more and more of their sovereignty. The corporations that feasted on the process reaped huge profits on the backs of local populations who were not well represented by their politicians. This has happened all over the underdeveloped world and is so far from our day-to-day consciousness that it is good to know that there are people out there fighting the good fight.


Thank you!

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Good job Africa. Keep it up.
In a few years American ‘farmers’ will look to you for inspiration.
Feed the soil and it will feed you.


The agribuisiness cartel is stealing their land, from people who have farmed it for thousands of years, they go in with mercenaries and AK-47s and machetes and forcibly take it when they cant bribe local officials, they want to steal all of it and factory farm it. And they have been.


The US is not far behind either, we however have an abundance of non-nutritious foods grown with depleted soils in contaminated eco-systems. Where people become obese trying to meet nutritional needs.

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I know.
Some people are fighting back though.

Vandana Shiva has been saying, and fighting for, this for years

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Did you two know that the evidence is piling up that a possible #1 cause of morbid obesity is …


Hint: the Graduate pool party in Westchester


Ok, I’ll guess the impact of synthetic chemicals used to produce the food we eat.

Would you like to start work on your computer to help African farming?

World Community Grid want more people to do this.


Make sure you enable the African Rainfall Project work.

You should choose settings that allow doing other types of work if the African Rainfall Project work runs low.

And the Rodale Institute has proven it. See their forty year study.

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Plastics. Also, many other chemicals we come into intimate contact with that are endocrine disrupting chemicals. EDCs. Many are “obesogens”. Among many other nastier things, they change the body’s energy set point.

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The Western Countries behind these efforts to Green Africa are not doing this so as to help feed the African people. They are doing this so as to increase the amount of exportable food crops those Countries produce so that they can be shipped to Countries that are not food sufficient. They can sell this food at a premium (See Saudi Arabia) thus generating higher profits for the “investor class”.

There very obvious and clear examples of this.

The Bengal Famine. As millions starved in the Bengal , food was being shipped out from that area to Great Britain as this was more profitable for the producers.

The Irish Famine. As millions of Irish people starved Ireland was shipping out food to the Continent. The wealthy landowners closed up their lands to the growing of anything but that which was deemed most profitable and since the Irish had no money the food was sold to people that did.


This is what I mean when I say that since everything is captured, we need to reboot before we attempt to use the corrupted mess we have now, otherwise every single thing we try to do will screw things up more, irreversibly.

This is the real reason why we are now presented with government after government and NGO after NGO and website after website, that is totally misleading us.

We cant just delegate, because the people we meet online are perhaps more likely to be fake than not. We should only trust real people we know are real.


Yes those NGOs are for the most part great cons. This was admitted as much by the Pentagon when papers were leaked where they described these same NGOs as “force Multipliers” used to increase US influence in a given region thus making it easier to insert their military as needed.

Now there certainly some that do in fact help others and have that as a goal but as soon as they become too “successful” they are infiltrated by State actors and used as a vehicle to extend Corporate US interests. Susan Nossel at the US wing of Amnesty International was and example of that . (She lobbied for and supported the US wars on Iraq and Libya under the guise of “protecting womens rights”)

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All NGOs now are an industry and often as fake as the other captured entities…

They are increasingly not the voice of “civil society” in even the most distant ways as more and more they rely on rich interns and people with degrees in nonprofit administration, not exactly a slice of the public.

Often they are trying to prevent their issues from being resolved, in order to keep their corporate donors happy.

So many of them are clearly fake, they have become parodies of themselves. Or even parodies of the parodies.


Another example of how Western interests act as a nefarious agent in Africa is Mali some years back. There was a time when Mali experienced famine on a regular basis. What they started to do was produce food in excess in years of plenty and store that food inside Mali for when there drought , that food being distributed to the people.

The neo-liberals told them that not the way it done. In return for Western Loans Mali would export all their extra food in times of plenty and then use the revenues to buy food back when drought occurred. This is not what happened. When adding the monies needed to pay back the loans and coupling that with the fact that they sold the food they produced in excess for less (food prices drop when there lots of it) than what they paid for imported food in that time of shortage , they were just going further and further into debt with the IMF, The World bank and western Banking interests. They in essence surrendered sovereignty thos those banks.

This is how the old Imperialist nations keep imperialism alive.


Yes, this great woman has been fighting big corporations for years. It’s an uphill battle, however, as tens of millions of poor farmers were deprived of their farmlands through the connivance of officialdom with foreign - mostly American - corporations. Corporate predators have caused not only farmer suicides, but also served to impoverish the already starving underprivileged population. According to professor Vikram Patel malnutrition has caused more deaths in India than in any other nation in the world - certain much more than Rwanda. It’s doubtful Rwanda can keep up with India in this hunger race to the grave.

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