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Africa at the Crossroads: Time to Abandon Failing Green Revolution

How is displacing millions of Africans from their families land so that agribusiness can make the profit from all of it and then sell the food back to them for prices they cant afford resulting in starvation any different from agribusiness doing it in future America? We’re next because its clear we wont be able to keep up as our jobs are outsourced and offshored.

Both candidates are okay with the new “law and economics movement” and its “efficiency” based ideology which under the efficiency ideology we’re simply inefficient, being less educated.

Why not escort us out to the door, if other more credentials, less cynical people would make better use of this country?

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Over-reliance on chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides is rapidly depleting Amerika’s topsoil, which con­tinues to shrink as overpopulation spreads the suburbs out onto easily exploited farmland.   Huge amounts of soil
are also being lost to floods, and to over-irrigation that both leaches nutrients and builds up salt and other minerals.  Amerika is no longer the world’s bread basket, and we’ll soon not even be able to feed ourselves (if we’re not there already).


But only if they are wearing masks and remain at least six feet away at all times.  Rather than relying on the obviously corrupt internet to reach large numbers of like-minded people, I suggest the use of smoke signals to communicate with large numbers over wide distances, since they provide safety to all while simultaneously expressing subtle ideas in a way that even the least educated humans can understand and agree to.  SFAICT, the greatest difficulty is reading them at a distance in areas afflicted with either heavy smog or large wildfires.  I.E., how do you know that when you made a donation on the Web earlier today to “Progressives Against AAASSSSSO’s” that the money wasn’t going directly to Tweetle-Dumb’s campaign?

("AAASSSSSO’s = Amerikans Aggressively Advocating Self-Selection for Suicide by Sub-Standard Organisms: Citi­zens who refuse to wear masks, especially the ones attending very large gatherings of like-minded AAASSSSSOs.)

The danger here, is if the Green Revolution sweeps back into Africa, claiming that it’s “only” fault was that it was not pursued with sufficient vigor.

But the GR has a decided dependency, one that cannot be maintained in this post-oil world, on the fossil fuels we’ve always pumped up. Getting rid of chemical fertilizers is a GOOD thing, as we’ll have fewer Dead Zones in the oceans. NOT spraying on herbicides will be a GOOD thing, as a few insects might be allowed to survive.

And yes, there ARE systems that do not need those added fertilizers, and do not need to kill all life but their “chosen” forms… they CAN all get along together, if the systems are set up that way.

Follow French intensive, or Raised Bed gardening. Or just go to Cuba, and see their own “system” of small city gardens under the Food Jungle system, which works pretty well…