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Africa Demands for More Input to Save the Climate



Africa will be at the forefront of action against climate change. The kinds of things discussed in this article sound more like effective solutions and not the mega-investor driven mega-projects proposed by people like Bill Gates and Jeremy Sachs.


Any initiative pursued by the "job creating class" is one where they will seek to assert total control over the process so as to maximize profits. Profits and control come first and foremost. Environmental protection is a tertiary concern and in essence just being used to sell their product.

This people promote things like huge wind farms that concentrate power and then distribute it so that they can concentrate their own power by controlling those wind farms. This process of dismpowering people at the local level so as to concentrate it in the hands of the one percent is why things like the TPP are promoted.


Really? Africa? You guys are about to add over a billion people to an already hugely inflated human population that can barely even feed itself as it is right now, and you're going to turn around and blame the rest of the world? I don't think so. For every gas guzzling Hummer driver in the first world, you guys have pumped out five to ten extra offspring that will need to eat, drink water, and live in homes, clearing more and more land in order to do so and adding just as much of a carbon footprint in the process. Every other continent on the planet is set to level off during this century in terms of human population growth, but not Africa. You guys are just going to keep on breeding until you eat the whole continent bare, and you're going to point your fingers at everyone else whilst you do it.


So now we know, all the global warming that's been happening is Africa's fault. Without your input, we'd never have known this and might have focused on such issues as the colonial legacy that continues strong in denying the Africans a say in how their countries are developed, the inability of their citizens to rise out of poverty due to IMF-style policies and corporate malfeasance, the subjugation and disempowerment of women, the lack of infrastructure, the need for families to rely on having many children in hopes that at least some will survive to adulthood and so on. Good to know that these are mere minor and distracting picadillos.


Oh please, the mortality rate in Africa has been dropping for decades now due to a non stop influx of western, first world aid. Don't give me that tired old chestnut about needing to have more kids so that some will survive. If that was the case, Africa's population would be flat and stable, not growing exponentially, and before you trot out the same old liberal pony show about farming, most people on the planet today live in cities, even in Africa, so there is NO reason whatsoever to have large families anymore. My goal is not to absolve corporations of their role in climate change, but to bring parity to a discussion where none exists. In your zeal to blame the first world for everything, you guys neglect to mention that Africa is a hotbed of religious fundamentalism, over population, and entrenched government corruption that would make the Chinese wince. Please, liberals, give parity a chance, for once.


Wow! Wrong and mean in the same post.

The population of Africa is currently relatively small compared to most other continents. The people are poor generally speaking and, with the exception of corrupt ruling elites, the people are poor and have contributed little to economic inequality or climate change. They have been subjugated to oppression by the Euro powers through colonialism. This does not need to be repeated by corporate domination. .


The problem with overpopulation in Africa is not the ratio of people to landmass, it's the ratio of people to available resources. The world is covered with landmass, the problem is that only a fraction of it is arable and habitable. Africa has the huge Sahara desert, lots of landmass there. Good luck getting anyone to go live there. So my point stands. At its current 1.5 billion human population, the people of Africa can barely feed themselves and are so numerous that they are streaming out of the continent like a flood of wretched humanity into any nation they can set foot in. If you people think this is sustainable with 1.5 billion people, you're really going to enjoy it with 2.5 billion, as it will be, close to the end of this century. As the saying goes, if you think war for oil is ugly, wait until you see war for food and water.

Meanwhile, Africa's wildlife is hanging on the edge of extinction and the number one culprit is habitat loss. Please, liberals, tell me how an increase in human population is going to reverse the trend of habitat loss and wildlife extinction. I predict crickets on this one. Typical, because you liberals really don't care about the environment any further than you can use it as a rhetorical tool to beat someone you don't like about the head with. If you cared so much about climate change, you'd be encouraging human population reduction and the re-wilding of habitats with indigenous plants and animals. Just more proof that liberals are total hypocrites.

My post is in no way wrong, it is uncomfortable, sure, as all truths are, but not wrong. As for being "mean", boo-hoo. If you're going to cry crocodile tears about something like this, then just wait until you see the REAL ugly truth that human overpopulation has in store for this planet in the decades to come. Thomas Malthus warned you people about this two centuries ago, but you guys didn't want to listen then, and you don't want to listen now. A constant, steady stream of penniless migrants that never stops coursing out of the heart of Africa will MAKE you listen. A dead, dried up and barren wasteland of scorched earth due to humanity's over use will make you listen. A human population made up largely of the poor and illiterate who will riot the minute they don't get what they want, and fuel a massive worldwide criminal syndicate because they have no other skills, will make you listen. It's coming. The migration "crisis" that Europe saw this year is only the first salvo in a never ending wave of extra, dross humanity washing over this planet and eating everything in its path.