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After $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut for Rich, Trump Backs GOP Pay Freeze for Federal Workers as Pandemic Rages

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/after-15-trillion-tax-cut-rich-trump-backs-gop-pay-freeze-federal-workers-pandemic

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I have many former students who now are federal employees. I will personally vouch for their work ethics. Headlines like this make my blood boil!


Trump: “The minions do not deserve what belongs to us entitled Masters of their existence.”


The word from the Hill today is that Nancy and Chuck are caving on large stimulus package and will back the measly 900 billion offer that the conservadems pushed earlier this week.
Nancy said we shouldn’t worry, that she’ll get a bigger better deal later (where have I heard that before)
The democrats are imploding and they haven’t even sworn Biden in.

I hate to say I told you so, but…


Yeah, I wonder how much more damage Trump will do before 01/21/21?


They are locked and loaded…


The goal is the same as it was in early 1933. Hoover’s people tried to leave a big a mess as possible. They did. It took a transformative government to turn it around.
I don’t think we’re getting one of those.


Biden is no FDR!


Ah, but all the dye in the wool democrats will say that FDR didn’t become progressive until he had to, so we should just give Joe a chance.
So that s what we’ve got? That’s our fallback? Jeebus on a cracker!


It won’t be the first time that federal union workers are denied their negotiated raises, and likely not the last.

The Republicans & Trump do in the daylight, what the Democrats & Biden do in the dead of night.

Wake up.


Both parties intend to use GATS and newer trade deals like TTIP and especially TISA to shift heavily to outsourcing of jobs, often to foreign body shop firms - subcontractors. It started in 1995, and has been ramping up since then. Developing countries see it as their entitlement for their endorsement of the multilateral trading system pushed by the US and Western European EU leadership Its been a failure but the dismal track record is being aggressvbely covered up by disinformation. its also caused several huge disasters, including the unnecessary excess deaths of at least a million poorer Americans in the 26 years the US healthcare system has been rigged with GATS, and the 2008 financial disaster which was caused by foolhardy deregulation by repealing the Glass Steagall Act in 1999 to please the WTO, as shown by WTO documents filed in early 1998. Additionally, an entire generation of Americans has been cheated out of an adequate higher education in order to smooth the way for massive job outsourcing of the jobs they have worked hard for. This is a war on the entire country they are accomplishing by deception - deliberatly colluding to divde and conquer our great DEMOCRACY.

The US has been continuously lied to by shameless phony Democratic and Republican politicians all this time, in a perverse good cop bad cop routine.

Isn’t it time we restored democracy and laid off the corrupt political class - so we can be proud of our country and world and a good global citizen for its people, which doesn’t require we sell off our values or our jobs, or privatize our schools, or maintain dysfunctional for profit healthcare nobody can afford any more…

Without our parasitic IP maximalist demands the entire world can do fine without our peoples jobs.

lets start by ending corporate personhood.


Well, Biden (who championed and fought for Jim Crow 2.0) might be closer to FDR than you think…

FDR was a Racist.

“Hitler didn’t snub me, it was our president (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) who snubbed me,” said Jesse Owens, the 23-year -old track star who won four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin summer Olympics.

The president didn’t even send a telegram. The American public mostly celebrated the victories of the 18 African American athletes but their president (FDR) didn’t.

Biden & Obama created the cages for immigrants who were fleeing the violence the USGOv created with their blood soaked insane Latin American policy of Imperialism and death squads.

FDR also created the interment/concentration camps for our Japanese brothers and sisters.

People have to stop worshipping FDR.

The US Gov is The Evil Empire. Always has been always will be.




Cynthia Hogan worked as a top lobbyist for Apple and led the NFL’s lobbying division during a high-profile domestic violence scandal.


In the early part of the last century, Josef Stalin and of course Hitler were far worse than any other killers even more so than the British Empire was before them in India. Claiming FDR was evil ignores a great deal of good that he did.

It takes two to tango. If Americans were beter informed, we ouldnt let the corporations implement their modern day Holocausts.

Look at hero Yusef Hamied, of CIPLA who single handedly saved millions of people from a slow and agonizing death from AIDS - Previous to that and perhaps now again after we promised Indiajobs, (we dont know because these talks are secret) Hamied made drugs that cost pennies and broke the WTO rules by saving lived with them…

They were given no choice but to die in large numbers by the bloodthirsty profit mad drug companies for more than ten years. He broke the pattern by manufacturing generic drugs and selling them for pennies a day, instead of the huge amounts US and European drug firms were extorting, leading to more than 30 million deaths in the 3rd world, during those years, up until 2003, mostly of children. Then those in the poorest countries had more than ten years of affordable AIDS drugs, thanks to CIPLA breaking our rules.

Think of that, how many of us can go to bed at night knowing we by our own acts, saved millions of lives. That’s better than any money.

He is an example of a billionaire who earned every penny. There are a few, and he is one.

At the same time Americans and Europeans had to pay $12,000 to $15,000 a year. The same as we were asking the poorest people up until then. Its an incredible story, but despite an award winning film having been made about it in 2013,(Fire in the Blood) its still hard to tell what its ending will be. People are still dying like flies all around the world because they cant afford drugs that, a drug CEO once told me cost an average of eleven cents a month for her to make. Most of the cost to end users is profit. Eleven cents. I dont remember if the plastic bottle was included or not.

Now coronavirus is here, and they view it as a once in a lifetime business opportunity.

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But FDR was still a racist…

FDR like Biden was a racist and lock people up in cages.

Franklin D. Roosevelt never endorsed anti-lynching legislation and condoned discrimination against blacks in federally funded relief programs…

Roosevelt’s administration was not supportive of civil rights for blacks. The popularity of eugenics and the philosophy of social Darwinism reached a zenith during the early part of century, and racism was integrated into presidential party platforms as late as the early 1930s. President Roosevelt believed blacks were intellectually inferior, and began to decrease the number of federal appointments to blacks and promised Southerners that he would appoint local federal officials that would not disrupt the accord between north and south.

Why FDR didn’t support outlawing lynching

New Deal was racist.

Facing up to FDR’s racism.


Zed, I would wager that you are not black and might even have some “white fragility” issues you may need to look into.

"Love me I’m a liberal! " - Phil Ochs

Just to keep it real, every Democrat voted for that tax cut save for two feeble voices heard on Nancy’s voice vote. After fixing Trump, the problem remains.


US society as a whole was much more racist then than it is now. But up until the immediate postwar period here in the US there was not the black underclass in the North that developed after National City Lines, which was a corporate scheme, allegedly to destroy public transit. But it also had the effect of creating a huge number of people who suddenly were cut off from jobs, by loss of affordable public transport. You might recall National City Lines as the GM-owned holding company that bought and then ran the streetcars in Montgomery, Alabama that Rosa Parks was told to give up her seat for a white man on.

Redevelopment of affordable housing, allegedly to save heating costs and modernize cities will have similar devastating effects. It wont help today’s urban residents (of any race) at all, quite the opposite it will push them out of cities. Millions of people who don’t drive now are not going to be able to make the transition. What are they going to do? Argue over events that occurred before most people here today were alive, and distant past racism some more?

The 74 million people that thought Trump was “on their side” have been conned. Meanwhile the orange sloth has pocketed $150 million in donations, allegedly to challenge the election outcome. The highly vindictive orange sloth has rallied his team to make recovery from the mess he made as difficult as possible, with Mitch McConnell leading that effort. Next up, pardon all crimes of his family and enablers.

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100% AGREE! But comparing Biden to FDR seems to be the narrative and as bad as FDR was Biden in my opinion, is much worse. FDR enacted S.S.; Biden wants to cut it.