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After $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut for Rich, Trump Backs GOP Pay Freeze for Federal Workers as Pandemic Rages

If the Republicans have a majority in the Senate then how exactly can Nancy and Chuck cave when they don’t have any power to begin with? I’m so glad progressives like you are around to say I told you so. Aren’t we lucky? People like you are just as much of a problem as the do-nothing Republicans.

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Hell the Clinton’s pocketed way more than that just because Hillary was SoS. Trump never was a top performer.

Most of DC has no interest in “promoting the general welfare” as decreed by our constitution. Listening to these crooks talk about balancing the budget, while they bailout their criminal donors to the tune of $29 trillion is infuriating. They’ve already proved there is no need to balance the budget, least of all by cutting social security. Yet, that story just will not die.


The UK also will impose a pay freeze on its public sector workers.

When there is a crisis, the workers pay the price. The rich unloads their burden on to the backs of the workers


The US isn’t the only country that imprisoned “Japanese” (who self identified as Korean because they had always been rejected in Japan). I dare you to look into the horrible and sobering story of what happened to them. The Zainichi or “Japanese returnees” to North Korea. Practically forgotten by history. Theyjust vanished inbto that country and a very great many - its like the Holocaust and nobody even realizes this happened.

Actually, come to think about it, fuck, thinking about history, maybe you are right because of Operation Barbarossa. one of the darkest spots on our history. Another deal from hell
It falls under the 20th century’s postwar clusterfuck of abomination the Yalta Napkin.

The truly evil Yalta napkin. The cocktail napkin on which Europe was literally divided up. You get this one, I get that one.

This is the point Ive been trying to make about politicians in a nutshell read some history.

Services liberalization is also an epic lie of the same kind, with the potential to divide the entire world into flames. Except its only just beginning. If you care you’ll call it out for what it is, everyone in the world deserves freedom from politicians like this.

Also, FDR didnt warn Pearl Harbor when he should have, consider this my warning to you, to all of us, that its the morning of that day in December and the newfangled radar thing is showing some blips, a huge number of blips on its screen, could it be broken?

The rich are not like you or I, not even distantly.

Thanks for being so generous, Americans.

Don’t you KNOW? The whole rest of the world’s oligarchs do.

Yes FDR was racist and hated Jews which is why the MS St Louis was turned away and many of the Refugees became part of the holocaust victims. However he was astute enough to tell the bankers to go get fu@&ed and used the government to create jobs, the security for seniors to have some funds upon retirement and hence many survived the fraudulent economic depression caused by the bankers.

The Kennedy brothers knew nothing about the workers or the effects of racist and other punitive policies of the country until they were educated by the civil rights movement.

Read up on the WTO!

I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed to learn how generous we’re being to the poorest and least equal countries richest firms with the professional and former public service jobs Americans don’t want to do any more because we are too busy being Paradise on Earth and fabulously wealthy.

All they had to do was bid the lowest and extend their patent terms and endorse our silly little trade agreements locking in our policies forever!

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I’ve visited FDRs mansion in Hyde Park, NY, its an opulent house from that period with the usual solid gold bathroom fixtures.

Statistically, we’re becoming like that again now, but just you wait, barring some real miracle, peak inequality is still a long ways to come.

People have no idea. They want to put us in our proper place, all of us. Equally.

Can’t discriminate by race now.

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I’ve read that many wealthy men in Uk, us and who knows where else were quite aware of Hitler’s plans and did not object. It seems those white wealthy men have always hated any people who were not like them especially if the people of color or other differences were not willing to bow down and be stepped on.
Sure “The Roosevelts” are Brahmins of the oosa and FDR had nothing to worry about except a revolt from the masses who had nothing left to lose except their lives.
We are in our proper place, without healthcare, shitty diets, polluted air, land and water, no place to go but down or join the military.

Its my understanding that democracy depends on people not doing their best to divide all of us.

The people who hate democracy who are both sexes and all colors, as is their money, are laughing at us all all the way to the bank.

Watch Biden keep this in place, since his handlers love this sort of thing, keeping the workers in their place and continually lowering their expectations.

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In the UK this is perhaps even more egregious, since the NHS is the largest employer. Those true heroes out there saving lives, they don’t deserve to get paid properly according to the right wingers. The wealth has to go to those who know the right people and were educated at Oxbridge. Can’t have the poors realizing that they are more important than the wealthy.

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Biden’s a fumbling scarecrow now. The oligarchs soon won’t even hide the fact that the President is just a placeholder, a puppet, put in place to placate the poors and persuade them to keep voting for evil continuously.

So I’m going to burn it ALL down - everything that you ever believed in or thought was good. - Captain Marmalade

With nothing going his way, I’d say, he’s “cock-blocked and bloated.”

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You should not fall for a very cynical campaign to set everybody in the country against one another.

Racism is not natural. Its created and the number of people who are racist is smaller than many realize.

A lot ofpeople who voted for Trump the first time around did it to send a message to the Democratic Party that they could not stomach their choice for President.

Or that they could not survive if their jobs were outsourced, a message which the Democratic Party didnt seem to hear.

You should know that for decades, a lot of the most visible right wingers (starting with the comical “Harry and Louise” campaign orchestrated for healthcare related payers by the same firms that whitewashed tobacco causing cancer for the tobacco industry) have been paid fakes. Especially online.

Now they are called sock puppets and they dominate the (arguably fake) online discourse in many of the larger forums and social media. They pretend to be but many of them are not even Americans, hailing from other English countries-speaking countries.

That said, racism is a huge problem, one that would be solved a lot faster if certain groups were identified for their lack of good faith, and willingness to do absolutely everything they could to prevent actual discussions from happening where people solve problems.

Its interesting to see what Chinese dissidents say about the US online world.

Its not what most Americans would expect.

They are experts at government’s disinformation and censorship techniques.

They made plans to dismantle the NHS in the WTO services agreement, way back in the early 1990s, triggered by the fact that you still sell health insurance alongside it. That fact basically dooms the NHS.

Your DTI was involved in writing it. They intended it to be phased out as jobs were globalized, replaced by a service thats means tested for the destitute. Its the same here with Medicare and Social Security. This agreement is the reason virtually all of what used to be public services in WTO members are being privatized and globalized at a dizzying rate. Australia’s centrelink with its clawback of benefits and computerized dunning of wages -Also Australia’s new healthcare tiers illustrates how behind the scenes the GATS impacts once public services.

See the WTO’s health and safety note from the Secretariat - from 1998, or Price, Pollock’s critical article in The Lancet a bit later. (The link in it is slightly wrong) Its on allyson pollocks web site - you can download a PDF of it.

Countries (Like the US) also are putting forward their own bilateral and plurilateral “next generation” deals that are like the older ones but much worse… many say “on steroids”. They even commit services that have not been invented yet to be liberalized (privatized) and globalized The goal being to batt down wages to more like a global average while keeping businesses as profitable by turning workers into interchangeable cookie cutter links in a globalized value chain that is constantly optimized for lower and lower costs.
they also want to force labor and workplace and wage and all other measures, standards, policies of any kinds, to the lowest global common denominator, so there is no profit to be had from offering quality work or services if governments are involved in purchasing.

Especially services like healthcare and education will be privatized bit by bit in a one way street situation unless the people (who largely have been kept totally in the dark) and legislators, soon, all human beings, who are being forced out of the loop - countries become much much more savvy to see what is being done. Even once trustworthy politicians are lying shamelessly because whats being done is just unconscionable. How could they do this? Its shameful.

Aren’t all the Senators millionaires, many many times over?

It shows in the strangest ways.

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What are you really saying here. And what makes you think that I fall for every “cynical campaign” whatever that is?
In addition, I have not had a television for over four decades so any references to tv is lost on me.

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