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After 13 Years in Gitmo, Pentagon Says Detainee is Case of ‘Mistaken Identity’'


After 13 Years in Gitmo, Pentagon Says Detainee is Case of ‘Mistaken Identity’'

Peter Van Buren

Mustafa Abd-al-Qawi Abd-al-Aziz al-Shamiri was captured in 2002 and believed then to be a major al Qaeda facilitator or courier, or maybe a trainer, according to the Department of Defense.


"In the Kafkaesque world America created post-9/11, al-Shamiri could not answer his torturers because he had no knowledge of what they were demanding from him. His silence was taken as insolence, and he was punished accordingly."

Not only has the CIA funded writers and merged with Hollywood on pro-war film joint ventures, a lot of theatrics and behind-the-scenes stage setting goes into producing False Flags.

Millions of people believe that 911 qualifies in which case, that Kafkaesque world goes a lot further than punishing just one Necessary Prisoner for not supplying actionable intelligence that never existed.... apart from its authors who remain celebrated members of society.


If the Fed can finance trillions worth of illegal wars, it can print another 35 mill for this victim as restitution and the pentagram will still owe 1/3rd of some (or several) official's lifetime. Apparently West Point does not inform its students that Karma is a Bitch! Too Bad!


Golly ! Gee whiz ! Mistakes were made . Sorry about that . Sucks to be you . Have a nice life .


An indictment of military intelligence. Among other indictments.