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After 13 Years of Hell, Human Being Held without Charges Has One Question for US


After 13 Years of Hell, Human Being Held without Charges Has One Question for US

Jon Queally, staff writer

Moath al-Alwi, who has been a prisoner of the U.S. government and detained inside the offshore prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since 2002 without ever being charged with a crime or afforded a trial, has a simple yet urgent question for the American people and the U.S. government: Why am I still here?


time to cut the Al Quida guy loose and let him go back to Yemen.


My organization, the US Department of Labor - MSHA, and my underfunded and understaffed colleagues in OSHA are not “severely dysfunctional criminal organization(s)”, although some of the mine operator bosses with blood on their hands like Don Blankenship and Bill Murray might think we are in their distorted view that only accumulation of wealth and power matter.

So maybe you need to qualify your statement a bit. The so-called US Department of Defense, and the Central Intelligence Agency are severely dysfunctional criminal organizations. Probably a few others too.


Dew process of law has been abandoned by the USA based on race and religion in order to persecute Muslims. Who are the beneficiaries of this policy??? War profiteers, Christian fundamentalists, Israel and the Zionists, despotic controllers of oil deposits, global authoritarian conservatives and rights removers. Democracy no longer rules in America.


It’s no accident the U.S. has the highest rate of mental illness in the world.
Keeping your mental and spiritual balance in the United States is a full time job.


We are confronted by an immoral nightmare where an individual who has been imprisoned without ever having a trial for 13 long years may still be in prison because releasing him would produce negative publicity about the wrongful imprisonment? Maybe we fear that even though he shouldn’t have been imprisoned originally (an assumption borne out by the fact that he received no trial since trials prove quilt) that it is too late now and that he is mad at us for doing this when he didn’t deserve it? Or maybe we (some of us - those directly involved in detaining him etc) are protecting our careers and vaunted good names in the face of this miscarriage of justice. Or does the concept of justice exist for us anymore? Justice is not only punishing the guilty (established at a trial) but justice is also freeing the innocent.

As decent human beings we should demand that just cause be shown for continuing to keep this man in prison. Having no reason to keep him there but continuing to do so is inhuman and demeans us all.

It is shameful to think that a human being can be treated as if their life and liberty were of no value (like once slaves were treated) but it is obscene to think that a man may be kept in prison without trial until he dies simply because it would be embarrassing to release him and admit that he was innoocent!


“Why am I still here?” You are locked up in Guantanamo, because the US is ruled by War Criminals and Thugs. The good American people are so brain washed by Television that they don’t know what is going on, and they could care less.


That is why they are not cutting anyone loose. They don’t want them to tell the world what the United States did to them.


Thanks, Mr. Queally. This is the kind of news ignored by the corporate media that I go to Commondreams for.

Unlike Throuthout, Truthdig, Daliy Kos, AlterNet and all the others, Commondreams is the only completely non-commercial left/prog news/opinion site that does not use a for-profit commercial data-mining comment system. Yet it seems that the decision to do so last year has hurt them to some degree. I find it inexplicable that commercial glitz, “like on Facebook” and the data-mining “Disqus” actually seems to attract fellow progressives who used to comment here over content.

So please send whatever contribution you can afford to Commondreams.

And no, I was not paid or directed to do this. I am just a long time reader and commenter. I have no direct or indirect stake in Comondreams dot org of any sort. I have not always agreed with their policies and editorial decisions - but it would not necessarily be a good thing if I did!


Vast majority of US citizens are not only responsible for the problem, they are the problem. We are the 99%. The ruling class is the 1%. We have the power to pull them from their position any time we want to. The problem is that people are only concerned with them selves. They don’t want anything that disrupts or inconveniences their ordered little lives. They are happy to do as our President said, “look ahead”, or more accurately, “Look the other way.”


It’s in very poor state that you turn the tragic story of a man that was unjustly kidnapped, tortured and abused into a self-pity rant about your “underfunded and understaffed colleagues in OSHA”. It was a general statement so stop playing the victim. I don’t know if that was your intention but this is a great way to manipulate the conversation and confuse the issue, typical of the talking heads at Fox News et al. If not, please consider how trivial your being offended gratuitously is compared to the story we’re discussign here.


This is sort of like the rationale that keeps wars going. Vietnam, for instance, “We shouldn’t have gotten into this war in the first place, but since we’re here, we gotta keep fighting, or admit we made a mistake.”

  • That seems to be the rationale for most of our “mistakes.” Cover them with more filth so nobody will look at them.


Fine, then you wont mind me accusing you of being culpable in this mans savage torture and imprisonment too right? How many anti- so-called-war-on-terror protests did you get to?

When someone says “The US government is a criminal organization” they are pinning blame for this horrible crime on me and my 1.1 million non-DOD/NSA/CIA/State/WH/US Congress colleagues who have nothing to do with this. So of course I am going to defend myself and my comrades. The people responsible for this savagery - The POTUS and US congress, and the State Department, including all their staff, plus the CIA and NSA are a tiny fraction of the government. We all get enough hostility and harassment and death threats and guns pointed at us from the capitalists and fascist right wing as it is. We don’t need it coming from the left too.


Depends what you think their function is. You could say they are a super effective criminal organization.


Yes. The citizens of this criminal regime should be asking these questions but most are so self-absorbed, they couldn’t care less about this man’s plight, if they are even aware of it.


Congress needs to be urgently updated on some facts.

  • 1: keeping people imprisoned for so long without charge is increasing the risk of act of terror on Americans around the world, and at home.
  • 2: because of item 1 it must be illegal. Doing anything that increases the likelihood of an act of terror is unlawful.
    So there is the absurd situation where it is congress that should be held without charge. You can not see the wonderful image, because I am a new user of the service.


Now he has more hatred for this country. What happened to the American that preached Human rights all over the world. At one time the U.S. would not trade with a country that did not have them.


A frail body

A formidable will


What more proof do we need that the Democratic Party is not significantly different on such fundamental, Constitutional issues.

Same war-mongering party. Same Constitution-ignoring party. Same Wall Street Worshipping party. Same go-along-get-campaign-cash traitors.


Another victim of corporate fear mongering and conservative cowardice.