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After 13 Years Without Charge, Shaker Aamer to be Freed From Guantanamo



It is the people in charge of the USA, those "elected" to rule us, who are the great danger to our safety and that of everyone else, not designated Muslim "terrorists".


This man was captured and sold by criminals to the US military for bounty money, innocent of any wrongdoing! He was then imprisoned for the 13 years without charges or trial, and a good portion of his life stolen! Not only should he be freed immediately before some criminal warmonger tries to stop his release with more lies and balderdash, but he should receive serious compensation for his time kidnapped and imprisoned - time that should have seen him released fast but honest people were nowhere to be found! His fate and imprisonment should be a lesson for us all - that anyone can be arrested on trumped-up (no pun intended) charges, held perhaps in secret and incommunicado, and NEVER charged with ANY crime much less given a trial and legal representation/protections - the fascist police-states wet dream! "Enemy of the state" or "illegal combatant" with no one to demand his release, especially with our basic protection of Habeas Corpus "suspended", a modern Star Chamber of pathological liars and manipulators.



thank you for the New Yorker article 2006 by Toobin on Specter. Arlen, the waterboy for Dulles in the coverup of the JFK assassination, was rewarded with a senate seat. As a legal mind one must give Arlen his due. The right of Habeus is historical but as Bush the idiot has said, '....the constitution is nothing but a piece of paper'. Obviously the neocon media gave this moron an 8 year pass because he furthered the interests of a certain Middle East predatory govt. which dictates foreign policy in the 4th Reich.


We can't give him those years back but at least we should let the people responsible for his imprisonment take his place for the same length of time.


What do you expect from Western Justice?


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Hope you don't mind but I'd just amend this to say '...not yet designated...'


Do you realize that bombing and warring foreign countries that have not attacked the USA can only produce resisters, like the ones that attacked the Nazis in France and elsewhere? Call them terrorists if you wish, but the terror comes ONLY from the attacking country, in this case the one that calls itself «EXCEPTIONAL», the USA, the self-called freedom defender and/or police of the planet. Let's say that Mexico attacked the USA, bombed its cities and people, killing them by the thousands, or should I say by the hundreds of thousands, or millions?. Would the US people reacting to Mexico's warmongering and taking arms to defend themselves and the US be called terrorists or resisters? What's good for the goose... Empires, like the modern-day USA, are built on the back of weaker countries, exploiting them to the max, stealing their resources, and so on. It's been like that throughout human history, and the USA are no better than all previous empires. No matter what your mainstream media may hide or keep hiding from you, the rest of the planet can see the truth, eventually or right away, and understand why such a great and poweful country as the USA has a population fully controlled and brainwashed by its government, its lying media, its military, its giant banks, etc. That American Dream has become a Nightmare for a majority of the population, all in the name of capitalism, free trade, endless profits... of a tiny proportion of the population, the well known 1% thieves.


I expect better than the Guantanamo torture camp.


Well said.


Comment following comment with never a mention of the name BUSH, the POTUS under which this continuing shame for al began and continues. Nor is there any mention Obama has made continual efforts even prior to being elected POTUS to close GITMO and repeatedly blocked by Congress and even members of his Administration like Hegel, just as Sec. Carter is doing so now.

No mention either of the difficulties Obama mentioned about countries of the origin of those held at GITMO refusing to allow them to be returned as evidenced by this interview with NPR in 2014.

Wonder how many condemning Obama for those he released to bring Bergdahl home will also condemn sending Shaker Aamer back to the UK?

At last my Senior Senator, DiFi, has finally ended her resistance after decades of supporting the nightmare created and kept for all these years as well as the horrors of torture suffered by the great majority of of those held there, not because they were terrorists, but like Aamer paid a bounty for and hidden in captivity. How many commenters ever protested or wrote to their US elected representatives?


He was cleared, and found not guilty of any crime 8 years ago. Does no one ask why he was not immediately released 8 years ago? There is only one reason why so many innocent people are not being let go. They don't want them to tell the world what the United States did to them.