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After 17 'Shameful' Years of Guantanamo Prison, Rights Group Demand 'Stain' on Nation's History Be Shuttered


After 17 'Shameful' Years of Guantanamo Prison, Rights Group Demand 'Stain' on Nation's History Be Shuttered

Julia Conley, staff writer

On the eve of the 17th anniversary of Guantanamo Bay's opening, human rights advocates made yet another call Thursday for the prison to be closed and the dozens of prisoners held there to be transferred—calling attention back to an institution that has long since faded from American headlines.


There is some evidence that three people were murdered by the CIA in Guatanamo. I find it interesting how few americans know or seem to care about this. It appears to have been a minor blip in the empire’s behavior that no one really cared about. Why should we be upset when our government murders with impunity?


The internet hype is that they are doing the opposite, and are instead improving, upgrading, and staffing to make room for 60-70 thousand sealed indictments people to be housed. Only rumor.


I have to wonder whether the whole reason behind keeping Gitmo open isn’t simply to send a big eff-you to the Cuban people for their ingratitude to Uncle Sam.


There is also the fact that by openly kidnapping people from all over the world and torturing them at whim without fear of any consequences they are sending a very clear message.


Guantanamo and the CIA and Torture represent the true agenda of Elites –
and when they couldn’t get their way – “Rendition” – prisoners sent to other
nations where torture was legal.


gand – Can you be more specific on the planned gulag –
Presume you mean “political” prisoners?


reader –

It’s been reported that 90% of those imprisoned had absolutely nothing whatsoever
to do with 9/11 – Taliban and other groups rounded up simply “people” and were paid
for collecting them by the CIA/US. There’s a lot of doubt that anyone rounded up had
anything to do with 9/11. In fact, it looks like it’s Cheney/Bush Family that had the most
to do with it – and with a very helpful Guiliani at the scene to aid the steal.

So it looks more like this was what it was – an opportunity by the US/CIA to PRACTICE
torturing humans. I doubt that they did that without some agenda in mind.

People care – but when we have only right wingers holding power there is no one to challenge
the CIA as Sen. Frank Church did in the 1970’s. All of the liberals and moderates in both
parties have been purged long ago by CIA, using one means or another of targeting them.
CIA’s/NRA was a big part of that clean up.

Really big lies succeed –
The lies about the honor of Our Founders and our democracy –
where in fact, Our Founders privatized the nation for their fellow Elites/wealthy –
gave only males the right to vote – endowed them with land grants and gave them immense
influence and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
They also left us with no tools to fight Elite control/fascism as we can clearly see today.

The Founders saved and supported the system of Slavery for Elites/wealthy which guaranteed
the Civil War which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred
which still echo today.

Columbus didn’t come alone – he brought the Catholic Church with him – he had family
connections to the Vatican, as well. The genocide against the native people here (112 million)
was carried out under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill” both natives and Africans already held
in slavery here. All of this was completely reminiscent of the “Crusades, Inquisitions and
Burnings at the Stake” which soaked the soil of Europe in blood for hundreds or a thousand
years. The Founders even went so far as to create “Church Schools” run by the Catholic
Church and the Mormon Church which native children were forced into to brainwash them.
They were often kidnapped from their parents and not allowed to have visits with them, were not
allowed to speak in their native language. They were beaten, mutilated, hung, tortured and
murdered in these schools – and sexually abused in every way possible.

You can’t run a dictatorship – a totalitarian government – without the means and intent to
TORTURE citizens.

The lies about WWII also seek to protect the Elites here who recruited Hitler/Nazis and funded
them. Hitler was “catapulted” to power by the Vatican. And the Vatican worked in moving $$
to Hitler from America and later in moving Nazis and $$ out again. Allen Dulles and Prescott
Bush ran front companies to raise money from Elites all over the world for support of Hitler.
When the USHR investigated them and Bush’s funds were confiscated and front companies
shut down (one of them was Holland America Line) the two claimed “patriot status” and moved
into Intelligence work and Congress. The investigation did little to make US citizens aware of
what had happened and the duplicity of American companies/Elites whose names didn’t make

We also have very false impressions of WWII which was largely won by Stalin/Russians – and
which seems to have ended for Elites by 1943 when higher ups in Hitler’s military began visiting
our Pentagon to “make deals.” Evidently those deals included allowing Hitler to go, along with the
$$$$$$$$$$$. Though a good deal of money was left behind, a good deal of it also went to fund
Hitler and a Fourth Reich. Hitler was likely NOT a suicide and was removed to a new life in
Argentina, eventually. Rumors of this were very strong at the end of WWII. And much more
evidence today suggests Hitler’s escape was permitted by our government …
In turn it is believed that US got 3 Atomic bombs built by Germany and that at least one of them
was the “test” bomb and at least one other dropped on Japan. PLUS, everything that the Nazis
were doing in “experiments” seem to have been moved into the CIA.

For anyone here who isn’t familiar with the opening drafts for the CIA being made in 1943 by
Cord Meyer … please see Operation Mockingbird which took our free press, Operation Paperclip
which moved 200,000 ex-Nazis into the US where they were used to found the CIA, funneled
into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot” spots around the world. Operation Gladio
was a program to allow only right wing candidates to rise in countries over which the US had
influence and control at the end of WWII – France, Italy, Japan, Germany.
In Italy, the US actually resurrected the Mafia there in order that Gladio would be carried out as
desired by the US.

CIA also used Gladio to run drugs - laundering money through the Vatican - to stage false
“terrorist” attacks in Italy to blame on Italian government.


Very good, very insightful. I have recently been watching some shows about WWII and the extent of the Soviet involvement in the fall of Nazi Germany was huge and has been downplayed in our history. I have heard reports that Hitler may have ended up in Indonesia. Now I’m assuming the CIA also had Mary Meyer (Cord’s ex) murdered. Any insight on that. When I look at the human race and what we have done I tend to despair. We definitely need a world of free thinking people who also think of the whole - not just themselves. The US needs a total reformation.


reader —

History Channel has been running new investigations – “Hitler: Suicide or Survivor” and
and of course the continuing look at Hitler, his rise and aftermath where a great deal of
information has been resurrected in following his journey and the means by which he was
allowed to go. 1943 seems to signal what Elites saw as the END of Hitler and WWII likely
due to the attack on Russia which was an obvious failure by then.
But amazing reports and views of all that was built to create a Fourth Reich and continue on.

Amazing report of Stalin’s confidence in Hitler as an ally due to their love of power …
and he killed off a good number of his Generals for trying to alert him to Hitler’s coming attack.

Agree with your despair – but even if we only have 12 years before Global Warming eliminates us,
I’d like to see as many of us as possible still standing and fighting for justice – NATURE, Female
equality, an end to Racism and all of the discriminations and evil brought to us by “Manifest Destiny”
and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature.” It’s really only one battle – against fascism.
Best definition I’m aware of re Feminism is: “Anti-Domination of anyone by anyone else” Marilyn French

“Now I’m assuming the CIA also had Mary Meyer (Cord’s ex) murdered. Any insight on that. When I look at the human race and what we have done I tend to despair. We definitely need a world of free thinking people who also think of the whole - not just themselves. The US needs a total reformation.”

JFK was a threat to so much of our fascist government that it’s hard to say, but most likely CIA.
Mary Meyer was an artist and a free thinker. It seems that JFK actually listened to women.
“Ancient Aliens” would be a key to this, also on History Channel. (We’d know a lot more if the
network wasn’t under constant attack, including Discovery Channel. Last confiscation of video
I’m aware of was the Cold Case File aired when they were calling themselves "The network
for the new millennia. This was a report on the 1992 JFK Classified Records Act, chaired by
John Tunheim with a panel of four. They had come to a unanimous conclusion that:
“Oswald was employed by the CIA working on high level assignments and probably also for
the FBI.” The show wasn’t primarily about Tunheim panel … in fact, the front story of the
assassination and involvement of Cubans may have been somewhat to hide the conclusions
of the panel. In the final part of the show, Tunheim appears and repeats again TWICE the
panel’s conclusion while the TEXT of what he is saying appears below on the screen.
Needless to say they would have seen Oswald’s IRS filings/tax returns and his W-2 earnings
reports; something that journalists had asked for immediately and never got. Anyway, you
can’t find the documentary because it only played about 3-4 weeks maybe 5, as I recall in
Spring – and as soon as Jimmy Carter saw it he alerted Lady Bird Johnson, Bill Moyers and
Jerry Ford and quite quickly the documentary and copies were seized from the network.
Sadly, unlike The Men Who Killed Kennedy/The Guilty Men it hasn’t shown up on YouTube.
I imagine someone (like me) recorded it, but unfortunately my bell rang just before that last
part and I stopped the recorder. The show was withdrawn and never got a chance to tape it
again. You can’t find the info either in any search – evidently Tunheim made a report to
Congress – at least a small number of Senators – and that was it. And that was about the
time of the Lewinsky affair and impeachment of Clinton. Coincidence?

Mary was a huge threat in regard to her relationship with JFK and reports that she was having
an awakening effect on JFK – plus that she obviously knew a lot about the CIA. For whatever
reasons, neither JFK nor Mary could save themselves from Elites who created the fascist CIA.
Marilyn Monroe was also very interested in UFO’s/alien presence. We know now from a lawyer
who represented E. Howard Hunt during Watergate that when asked WHY JFK was assassinated
he replied that it was because he would reveal “the alien presence.” That’s pretty much the top
issue – and, latest reports are that we can scrap the idea of more than 300 species as more than
3,000 now seem confirmed. Marilyn was one of the first prominent murders setting off the string
of assassinations. Evidently, Mary also introduced JFK to marijuana which is helpful to free thought.

“Ancient Aliens” also makes clear that some information about “alien presence” has been made
available in actual stories being told of Eisenhower’s experiences with them in “Encounters of the
Third Kind.” And in the belief that “Star Wars” was info supplied to the production. We also see
this in Lt. Col. Philip Corso’s writings – “The Day After Roswell” – and you’ll also find interviews
with him on YouTube. Corso makes clear that Roswell was the source for many “discoveries” in
technology – from lasers to computer chips, etal – and of course the UFO’s which they have been
trying to “back-engineer” for 70 years or more now. And, in some cases there may also have been
survivors who lived long enough to help them figure out something about the materials/craft.
There are continuing reports of “aliens” helping at Area 51. Actually, rarely reported, but it is more likely that Roswell involved two craft which crashed together. One landed in another town – Sirocco?

Council on Foreign Relations (serving Elites) was responsible for creation of CIA (and for OSS which
it replaced) and is a large part of our systems of control on citizens. Elites always need reliable
intelligence based in their own interests to dominate.

Since Mary Meyer’s sister was married to Ben Bradlee/Washington Post, I’m never sure what
to think about Bradlee. And. his son, BB, Jr. was high up on the Boston Globe when the NYTimes
bought it – and at the time they ran their 2002 stories on Vatican/pedophiles.
And, originally Phil Graham and Katherine were both members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
See: Operation Mockingbird – where Graham was put in charge of recruiting network heads and
publishers and others in media in his social circles to move to CIA-journalists. This was of course
done. There might have been some force used to push this in the beginning … not sure.
But later, of course, Phil Graham commits suicide – or is “suicide” as we’ve seen so often happening.

It’s also been concluded that the “Cold War” was a farce created to allow US and Russia collude
in regard to “alien presence” and presumably space efforts. Since Russia dominated a long time
they may have gotten the better info from aliens – there have been said to have been events
similar to Roswell in the USSR. Concerns about the public and its fascination and interest in UFO’s
and getting them to think about fearsome nuclear war instead. Especially after UFO flap over DC.

But, imo, McCarthy Era also served to remove all liberals in government – those likely to investigate!