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After 200 Days of Trump, Poll Shows Base (Finally) Abandoning President


After 200 Days of Trump, Poll Shows Base (Finally) Abandoning President

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's support has been on the decline since he entered office in January—but in a new poll from CNN, the president's popularity among his previously-solid base is shown to be crumbling.


Is it that he can’t get his agenda passed thru Congress? Is it that he governs far to the right of his supporters? Is it Russiagate? Is it that he’s just an incompetent and eccentric administrator, pretty much surrounded by those same types of people? Is it that the Money Boys who supported his campaign/election, are abandoning him? Or, already undercutting him for various personal reasons? Is it that Mexico isn’t going to pay for The Wall? Is it that his war mongering and troop escalations in the MENA are unpopular? Is it that his base is frustrated with the lack of action on his Muslim ban? His deportation of all of " the others " now living here? This may only be a tiny snapshot, too.
Is it all of the above? How to know for sure?

Or, have the American people finally figured out what being " conned “, short and long, means? By the Republicans and their crony RNC apparatchiks.
” You may still be right, I may be crazy. Or, it may just be it was a lunatic ( in 2016 ) you were looking for " .


People are waking up (too slowly) to see they bought a lemon. An expensive one at that. It looks fancy but you can’t drive it in the right direction. It seems to think for itself instead of following the drivers - we the people. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses and junk something that is never going to run right.


Looks like it’s time for Trump to start a war.


While Trump is certainly a concern he isn’t the only thing the nation should have on its mind. All the while we are listening to innumerable references to DT’s gaucherie the Republican’t Party is striking down education, environmental efforts, net neutrality, affirmative action, and women’s issues of all stripes, just as starters. Should DT get what he likely deserves we still have Mike Pence to deal with and this guy does have an agenda beyond fattening his bank account. I have listened to this snake in the grass say the most damaging, for the nation, ideals and his reasonable tone scared the crap out of me. He is just another type of con man but much more dangerous.


Loved Ike voted for Nixon twice. Reagan ? I refuse to belong to the knuckle dragging, lip diddling crowd of drop outs that I saw at the last Trump rally. They belong in the back of the class pulling wings off of flies. The closed fist bar pounding hate filled dudes and dudettes belong to an era long ago past.