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After 27 Years of Determined Protest, Saudi Women Win the Right to Drive


After 27 Years of Determined Protest, Saudi Women Win the Right to Drive

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rights groups applauded Saudi Arabia's announcement on Tuesday that it will allow women to drive beginning next June, after decades of criticism from other countries and campaigning by Saudi women.

CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin, who wrote the book Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection last year, highlighted the sacrifices made by women who have fought for a lift of the driving ban.


One step closer to the joining the 21st century, one step further away from the 7th century.


I am not clear on whether this means they can drive alone or still must have a male in the car.


A male must accompany them. Should be interesting trying to drive while wearing the burka or niqab leaving very limited visibility, especially peripherally. Watch out…woman driver!!!

And what happens when the new women drivers try to get out of their cars in a new neighborhood where acceptance of their new-found privilege is non-existent now or in the future…?


Actually the picture isn’t so Rosie the current king is in trouble, the war in Yemen going badly, ISIS has lost and Qatar has completely ignored the blockade.
There are many conditions and hurdles that the women must clear for years before they can actually drive a car. This is just a diversion tactic.