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After 40 Years of Government Inaction on Climate, Have We Finally Turned a Corner?

After 40 Years of Government Inaction on Climate, Have We Finally Turned a Corner?

Fran Korten

In 2015, 21 young people sued the U.S. government for promoting the fossil fuel industry even when it was aware of the dangers of climate change. In Juliana v. United States, the youths accused the government of endangering their future well-being thereby violating the government’s public trust responsibility and their constitutional rights.

“A fighting chance” ?? Turned the corner" ?? Wishful thinking at best it seems, when the world is dominated by men of greed/ambition-driven wealth and power above common sense, moral compass, environmental stewardship and wisdom.


The pipeline Trudeau champions here in Canada will triple the amoung of tarsands oil that will be shipped overseas for consumption. Plans are in place to increase production dramatically once these pipelines built and these projects have lifespans that span decades. The Investor class is not going to put their money into a project unless they can make profits off it and these plants have to operate for over 20 years before the costs of construction paid for.

Iran has found a singularly large pool of oil in a region of the Country not previously explored.

Word is that the real reason for the Coup in Venezuela is because of a huge pool of oil found in a region that borders Guyana.

The War In Syria is about getting rid of a Government that is blocking attempts to build pipelines in that region that would be used to ship Middle Eastern Gas to Europe , this hopefully locking out Russia from that market.

The USA has ramped up fracking so as to become the largest producer of Oil in the World. Added to this the USGS announced another pool of Oil in the Permian basin , one of the largest ever found , that can be exploited using new technologies.

The USA has invested literally TRILLIONS of dollars on the war machine to make sure oil producing regions on the Globe are under US Domination and to make sure the trade in oil continues to use the US dollar. If the EU , just as example went 100 percent solar tomorrow , they would not NEED the US Dollar to buy oil.

The “Captains of industry” are not going to let billions of dollars in profits sit in the ground. The USA is not going to wreak havoc with its war machine to ensure control of the Oil fields and predominance of the US dollar by allowing clean energy sources to replace hydrocarbons.

In short Goverments have been very active ensuring Hydrocarbons used far into the distant future so no , I do not see any corners being turned.


Don’t show that photo of the PV array at Hill AFB to the Trump regime or its base. Just as Ronny Raygun’s first act as POTUS was to remove Carter’s PV array from the White House roof, you can safely bet your last nickle that the Trump regime will not hesitate to set renewables back wherever they can as they chant “drill, baby, drill”. Don’t be surprised if they task Sarah Palin to lead the cheer !

And these Athabasca sands have reported energy returned on investments (EROI) of 5:1 on down to 3:1, in contrast to the EROI from more conventional oil resources of 25:1. In other words, they (as you surely know, SDP) are the bottom of the barrel, as it were. The very fact that they are even being considered for extraction is testament to the difficulties of extracting other sources of fossil energy, be they technological or political. If we could burn stupid our problems would be solved.

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I read this story twice trying to come away with a different perspective than my initial one, I couldn’t. The story is framed on the lawsuit about climate change, but a much bigger picture emerges. Dating all the way back to Raygun, the “leaders” have done exactly what the energy companies have wanted, regardless of what scientists have warned about. By using delay tactics and the refusal of courts to here appeals, this story proves that these corporations have by all measure, taken complete control of not just our legislative and executive branches, but the judicial branch as well. Meaning our complete form of government belongs to the fascists. This conclusion is supported by other events as well, the people have no say in how we are governed, or what our government does on the world stage. Perhaps this is why both parties are complicit with using corruptible voting machines.
We are not going to vote our way out of this, and as this story proves, we can no longer look to the courts for positive resolution to this or any other major problem. History shows, this isn’t going to end well. (I had to erase the last lines of this post, none of you would want to know the conclusion).


Perhaps a version of Soylent Green is in our future. Our climate forces underground to live. Who knows what food source we will use or invent. Harvesting the ocean is likely a part of the (solution), no pun intended.
We can be sure there will again be disparities between the rich and the poor in how they live. Many versions of this must be the theme of many different novels, yet surreal.

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You might be right, I fear what my kids and grandkids lives are going to become if we don’t stand up to and fight this evilness to the death. After reading the article, then looking back at the 2nd half of the title, that to me is surreal.

Hard to tell if we are affected by climate change today, 2/24/19. Wisconsin is having a blizzard, and I just heard about a 40 car pile up just out of town on Interstate 41.
I believe it may be heading toward Pennsylvania, PB.

Sorry ReconFire, that was supposed to be a stand alone, not aimed your way.

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