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After 43 Years in Solitary, Last 'Angola 3' Inmate Set to be Released


After 43 Years in Solitary, Last 'Angola 3' Inmate Set to be Released

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal judge on Monday ordered the release of Albert Woodfox, the last remaining prisoner of the "Angola 3," who has spent the past 43 years in solitary confinement and whose case has drawn international attention by human rights organizations.


The worst Prison in the Gulag of the Soviet Union was described like this.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called it “the most terrible prison the MGB had.”[2] He went on to write that interrogators used the mere threat of being sent there to intimidate prisoners, and there was no way to question those who had been there as they either had been driven mad or were dead.[3] He described the prison as comprising two buildings: one in which the prisoners were housed and the other containing 68 monastic cells where interrogations took place. The food was said to be the best of all the political prisons since the food was brought over from the nearby Architects’ Rest Home, but the food ration for one architect in the home was divided among twelve prisoners and the prisoners were frequently tortured, deprived of sleep and kept in solitary confinement, including in small, closet-like cells where they could not sit down or move; they were also left in hot and cold rooms to sweat or freeze, and were not allowed exercise outdoors.[4]

Sound familiar? The US Prison system now houses more prisoners than that Gulag did.


“we are that shining city on the hill, we never torture, and believe in equal justice under the law”

We also have a justice system that is so pristine that we can afford to play God and decide that some humans should be killed.


I am disgusted and our revolting hypocrisy and racist reality. Shame on a deeply flawed USA…with very little if any democracy left! Free this poor human being immediately and provide him a comfortable end of life existence…


How horrifying does ones soul have to be to keep this man in solitary confinement for four decades!?

And what’s up with anally raping this man every day?? Next they’ll be butt raping the prisoners with pureed raisins like they do in Gitmo! hurl


Has the state AG ever heard of Statute of Limitations? If the prosecution can’t get its act together within the Statue of Limitations, then tough tiddly; release him!