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After 6-Year Tenure Not Prosecuting Banks, Eric Holder Returns 'Home' to Defend Them


After 6-Year Tenure Not Prosecuting Banks, Eric Holder Returns 'Home' to Defend Them

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's return this week to a high-level position at Covington & Burling, a corporate law firm that represents big banks, has some calling it a dramatic and troubling example of the Washington-to-Wall-Street revolving door.

That's because Holder's six years of service under the administration of President Barack Obama were defined by his refusal to criminally prosecute any of the financial institutions that drove the 2008 financial meltdown and subsequent recession.


How is the old conspiracy ‘theory’ about banks running the world not true. How does the Greece situation, this situation with Holder, rampant poverty not support any of that ‘theory’?


too easy, lol. They are going to put E. Holder’s face in the dictionary next to Uncle Tom. Now we know why he couldn’t figure out how to put anyone in jail. The corruption in this country has gotten to comical levels!


The only ones truly sacrificed over and over again, without explanation and who are enraged remain, each countries people… We, they, all have had enough, imagine bailouts in 2009 taken not from corporations who also benefited by gambling on derivatives,no. Taken only from the taxpayers, the ones that unlike corporations pay their taxes, only to be ‘sold out’ by their governments. The other main player who not only gambled, but took bank funds and bought up utilities, airports and aluminum, all to speculate.

See, taxpayers are no longer respected, just used. Time, to cut loose of officials that sell them out like Merkel and the president of France, and the PM of Canada. All worshipers at the alter of corporations, that’s why they defied their oaths of office and signed illegal, unconstitutional and anti contract law, trade agreements. That are meant to steal through ISDS lawsuits on any bogus excuse such as environmental and domestic growth laws or regs. To date there are 2 billion in just the same o/s lawsuits under NAFTA. Corporations must learn to compete not use bribery and lobbying to defy constitutions to get an skewed advantage to destroy their normal and only competition —medium to small companies…We paid for the 2009 bailout of 6 Canadian banks and this effort was done and kept in secret.

Its as though all governments and especially our are so corrupt they no longer are even embarrassed in being caught helping banks cover their gambling debts in derivative with taxpayer monies,(and to add insult to injury --interest-free loans). This draconian theft stops now–or the very act of being a taxpayer is made null and void.


How nice for Holder that he has a place to go home to. So many people still don’t…


After 6 years of governments around the world pandering to and enriching banksters, “the old conspiracy theory about banks running the world” is no longer a theory…its a fact backed by evidence and history.

Serial propaganda from corporations (and the politicians they own) have conditioned many Americans to react negatively whenever the t word is applied. Obama recently accused Elizabeth Warren of basing her fast track concerns on “legal theory” despite the fact that she had dozens of facts supporting her position while Obama had limp hyperbole (charitable term for LIES) to support his push for fast track.


Should we not blame Obama as well as Holder? After all Obama chose him and for 6 years never opposed him.


“Couldn’t figure out how to put anybody in jail” ???

Within a few months of Occupy Wall Street’s (OWS) emergence in 2011 Holder’s justice department made everything OWS did illegal, resulting in the conviction of many patriots who had participated in OWS activities.

Holder’s record for jailing of whistleblowers is one that Dick Cheney could love.


Seeing how if Obama and Holder ever disagreed on anything in 6 years it was the best kept secret of the Administration, the answer to your question is a resounding YES.


Anyone think Obama didn’t know? Time to impeach and let Biden be a lame duck.


Scumbags come in all colors.


Its odd few if any take it to memory that all the Iraqi invasions were based on lies. Obama is now playing the role of liar, using a State Dept hussy Victoria nyland to cause a coup within the Ukraine government. Most in the US at least heard about her arrogant comment to the EU about her choices for hand-picked leader, Yatz as she calls him. Enough time goes by and these lies and supporting facts that give all the clues necessary to judge this administrations actions since. Still I read doubt in responses like yours. The Bidens of this world take care of themselves first—It is now said that when carving up the Ukraine, Monsanto getting free reign on the entire countries agriculture and then low and behold Biden’s gets a position given to him to head a board on an oil refinery in the area…And yet no questions the MH17 or why the US is playing the same games in the Ukraine they are in the South China Sea—One taunting Russia the other taunting China. Odd to say the least?


“It is not clear exactly what Holder will do at his new position at Covington.” It is pretty clear to me what he will do. He will collect a lot of money for the work that he was doing for them when he was pretending to be a public servant.


They are all members of the same criminal organization.


I thought Obama signed an executive order in '09 making the “revolving door” illegal. Everyone in his administration had to sign a pledge, etc. Guess that was only so much blah, blah, blah, too. And Holder is one who would be aware that certain people get to ignore the laws. He made sure certain people were exempt from US laws.

Why aren’t more people sick of the shitheads who run this country?


Obama is 100% responsible. And, yes, I believe it is criminal.


Obama didn’t choose Holder, Wall Street did. Obama is a figurehead whose “decisions” are dictated by the giants of industry.


Most Americans don’t even have a concept of the “revolving door”…which is as old as the hills.


Just another Wall Street appointee who went from one seat in the lucrative fields of filthy lucre to another that provides him with even more filthy lucre.


Obama is fully invested intentionally in this game of the oligarchs. It is a power game and he entered this realm with eyes wide open, and has made countless decisions as President that comport with his early trajectory as Senator and before that with the club of people that helped him ascend into the political establishment in Chicago.

Any suggestion that he is merely conduit of power for decisions made by Wall Street takes away his real culpability in actively having kept Wall Street in that power position. It is a two way street.

And of course I’m not distracting from the bigger realm of Obama’s power position in regard to the Deep State. The vast and seemingly infinite muck that makes up the real power center of this country and is spawning this emergence of global corporate governance via TISA, TPP, TIPP, et al.