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After a Long Week, the Single Payer Movement Marches On


After a Long Week, the Single Payer Movement Marches On

Augie Lindmark

For many supporters of universal healthcare, last week felt nauseating.

From local to national politics, the notion of health as a human right was barred from public policies. At the state level, ColoradoCare—a ballot initiative and universal coverage proposal—didn’t reach a simple majority to ensure health access to all Coloradoans.


"While ColoradoCare wasn’t quite single payer, organizers are undeterred by the uphill battle and have already begun planning next steps." and the same here in Vermont. Solidarity!


This is appreciated, Augie.

It was also this past week that we learned our health insurance corporation, Medical Associates, Dubuque, will increase my cost by $78 per month, an 8% increase. While this is an improvement over last year's $204 per month increase, it's still a bite, for a costly insurance plan that has very high deductibles and no office co-pays.

We have a small group of insured, and a major health ailment/medical problem affecting any one of us affects our costs for the next year.

The 8% increase? When I asked our room of attendees, who in our economy gets away with increasing costs by 8% or more, I was reminded by someone who said he was quoting Warren Buffett's observation, that in the US there are 2 economies; there is one for health care, and there is one for the rest of the country.

May the Single Payer Movement march on, and succeed.


The WWII Generation would be astounded to see where our money goes today.

Astoundingly Large bites of our Income and Wealth paying for Television, Telephone, Health Insurance, Property Tax, Sales tax, Personal Income Tax.

Attacks on our National Post Office and Public School System, in an attempt to undermine and destroy them.

The virtual Privatization of our Armed Forces and the Militarization of our Police, much like the Nazis they were sent to fight.

And Astonishingly Small amounts of Interest paid on our Savings, and mendaciously derived, minuscule or nonexistent increases to our Social Security payments, leading to the betrayal of a generation that did their share in supporting it all their working lives.


There wont be any single payer on the books at least for the next four years and maybe beyond. In fact with the new regime we probably wont have any insurance that doesn't cost a fortune. Republicans are all about insurance companies and their profits.


And California failed to pass the drug pricing law....I cant figure that one out are they crazy or just stupid...Yet they legalized pot for what good it will do them with a GOP regime of zealots....nay sayer and liars.


Driving several hundred miles through the heart of California this past week, if I had a buck for every billboard I passed that falsely alleged that Proposition 61 would result in veterans paying more for drugs, I could probably afford to pay the higher prices for drugs.