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After a String of Antisemitic Attacks, a Choice Confronts all Jews

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/08/after-string-antisemitic-attacks-choice-confronts-all-jews


A Marxist analysis of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism


"You’re Jewish, aren’t you? Is the war going well? I hope your side is winning.”

“I don’t. Since when do wars go well? Whoever wins, my side loses.”

Very good article, now is not the time to isolate decent, honorable people, united we stand, divided we will fall, fascism, racism, and war must be left behind, safely locked away in a museum, guarded so none of them ever see the light of day again. Basically humanities only hope for survival, IF human race gets serious about the climate situation.

In El Salvador in the bad 1980s, antisemitism was rampant. There were only about two dozen Jews in the whole country, but the parroting of antisemitism was a somewhat ineffective way of telling who was fully with the right wing regime and who was hesitating or questioning the spouting of the doctrine.

A local group gave sanctuary to a Salvadoran draft dodger. This went well, but at one point he started spouting all this stuff about “the Jews”. Nomi, who was his best friend in the U.S. and who could easily have entered a contest for kindest person on earth, had to explain to him, “I’m Jewish”.

He couldn’t believe it. “You’re Jewish??” After a long time he finally accepted her statement but decided, “Well, you’re not like those other Jews.”

Modern antisemitism seems to have an arbitrary element to it. Actually meeting real people has no claim on its cultlike belief. It’s apparently spreading a bit these days, virulently through the siloed blogosphere but also dog-whistling through the right-wing media.

Anti-semitism energizes extremist Zionism, much as Evangelicals require the power of sin and Satan to increase the urgency of salvation. Neither of these is useful to people who do not so identify.