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After 'Advocating Killing Iranians' for Years, Neocon Bill Kristol Called Out for Faux Concern


After 'Advocating Killing Iranians' for Years, Neocon Bill Kristol Called Out for Faux Concern

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Bill, you've been arguing to bomb Iran for so long that I don't know if you're really respecting the Iranian people," says fellow panelist on MSNBC


Where were these advocates for free speech when Occupy Wall Street was met with tear gas, tasers and truncheons? Why did we hear not a peep from them in support of Black Lives Matter and the Water Protectors?

If you want to see examples of shameless hypocrisy, look no further than the likes of Kristol (who, to the best of my knowledge, has never been right about anything), Bolton and McCain.


Kristol is just another sociopath selling his soul for another shekel.


And BK is relevant because??? Just another neoliberal malefactor with a big mouth…since he first appeared in public.


Right, him and the “vp.” Birds of a feather.


Since when is he a neoliberal?


Because Irving left him a magazine, a rolladex (sp) and a bunch of trust fund money?


Yes, and the M$M has always given this Zionist (and possible dual citizen) neoliberal shill for “Greater Israel”, signatory of PNAC, etc. a damn-near full time chair on Sunday morning’s talk shows. Hmmmm.


Good point. He’s an Israeli apologist, first and foremost. Kristol could be a 1970s " guns and butter " moderate Republican, but he just doesn’t understand nuclear arithmetic. You know, Israel =s 280 Nukes, Iran =s 0 Nukes. Let’s have a fair fight, we’ll draw first, may the best religious fanatic win.


Here in Portland, all of the “Anti-fascists” are busy attacking civilians exercising their freedom of speech. I am sure they will attack the anti-war activists who dare to come out against the Israeli commanded regime change attack on Iran, because, after-all, the Iranians must be Nazi’s! It is all such a sad farce. Peace with the people of Iran, Break off relations with Israel.


“Real men go to Tehran”! Are you all serious? I cannot imagine a more blatant example of the insanity driving this country then and now than the elements of such thinking. Iran is a huge country, with a pro western population. It is governed, however, by embittered old religious fanatics, some with deep personal losses (caused by America’s involvement in their country’s affairs) underlying their hostilities toward the United States. I don’t know what any answers to Iran’s problems might be, but it’s clear we have no constructive role to play in that process. As for Kristol and Bolton, I know several machine operators, among other hard working professionals, men and women, who are closer to any role I might hold out for a “real man,” or real person than they could ever imagine given their stupefying ignorance about social life.


Excellent point!


You must be in Maine. That’s about the weirdest statement I’ve read, even from a Trumpster Dumbster. Lurking in another Portland, I assume.
You know these Iran protests started over the raising of prices on eggs, which raised the cost of chickens; kind of like the commodities futures market without the pork bellies. ( NPR ):wink::wink:
The protesters are even more hard-liners than the current gov’t, as well.
Besides, it’s been too damn cold in Oregon to protest outside. We’re battling it out over Winter Ales and Double Expressos inside our local neighborhood New Seasons Market. The sacrifices one makes for the revolution are not always quantifiable, but we persist. Viva la Revolu… oh come on, you know the drill, right? Jews and Saudi oil good, Muslims and Iran oil bad.


Neoliberalism is a policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector…which Kristol wholeheartedly supports.


Well, I learned something (dismaying about the Democrats). I’ve mistakenly or not seen Kristol as a far-right basket case.


Just wait until Trump’s Infrastructure Bill hits the pavement. Your definition will be frighteningly true. Boondoggle and a wealth transfer on steroids. Toll booths, private expressways leading to private concourses with luxury hotels attached, of course. Then the workers will be directed onto toll bridges, as mass transit will be defunded or sold off. The financialization of everything the public once owned is the goal of Neo-Liberalism.
The foreign policy goals are more aligned with Neo-Conservatives, but their blending muddies up the water, imo.


During the demonstrations during Obama’s time and the present demonstrations, the people in the streets have made it clear that if the US invades, they will leave the streets and take up arms to defend their country alongside their military. They will make Iraq look like a walk in the park.

The neocons are aware of this and for that reason, they have no illusions that military action against Iran won’t be worse than Iraq ever was. But that isn’t stopping them. They are ready to defend the rights of EXXON to the last drop of your blood, not theirs.

And if they are so concerned about human rights, where are their threats against Myanmar for their ethnic cleansing of a whole ethnic group that has been living there for generations. Thousands of Rohingya people have been killed mainly women and children, their homes have been burned and the women raped. And no one seems to want to do anything to stop it because the only mineral wealth Myanmar has is jade. If there were lots of petroleum, the the story would be different, just like it is here in Iran.


Iran: With about 81 million inhabitants, Iran is the world’s 18th-most-populous country. Comprising a land area of 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq mi) and the population density in Iran is 50 per Km2 (129 people per mi2), it is the second-largest country in the Middle East and the 17th-largest in the world.

Iraq: The population density in Iraq is 88 per Km2 (228 people per mi2). The total land area is 434,320 Km2 (167,692 sq. miles). Total population: 38,813,290

The size and population of Iran alone would create massive problems for any invader, especially the US as it is despised by Iranians as much as they loathe Israel. The history of the US in Iran (remember the Shah and his reign of terror funded by the US) is one of ongoing conflict, objectification, usurpation of fossil fuel resources, and extortion (by the US).


Krystol always gave me the creeps. Smarmy, slimy, with a mouth like a large mouthed bass. :slight_smile:


He is more akin to a canal carp…feeding off other fish eggs and eating any/everything they can consume/digest.