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After Alabama: A Fierce, Strategic and Organized Hope Is the Only Way Forward


After Alabama: A Fierce, Strategic and Organized Hope Is the Only Way Forward

Rev. Dr. Emilie M. Townes

The Alabama special election shows that political organizing is essential if we hope to revitalize democracy through a robust electoral process.

Voters stand in a long line that stretches out the door to vote at Beulah Baptist Church polling station in Montgomery, Alabama, on Dec. 12, 2017. (Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)


First let me say that the defeat of Roy Moore has given me hope that all is not lost. But to paraphrase IWW leader Joe Hill, “Don’t celebrate, organize!”

A robust electoral process—which we do NOT have at present—would include third parties as full members. Let’s put an end to their being forced to petition for ballot access in every election cycle; being excluded from publicly-subsidized “debates;” and being minimized or completely ignored by corporate media.

Anybody who asserts that 535 people divided between two parties can fairly represent a third of a billion individuals is either hopelessly naive or deathly afraid of a robust political process.


Beautiful essay. Hope these points are brought to the fore again, and again, and again always … these are theme song and dance step that invite all to join in, learn, and having learned, teach, and having taught pose the query … do you want to be leading? We - in community - are the strength of our leaders. It is up to us to teach them the theme and the steps required by community to keep them clear, sharp and adaptable.

The current environment is a result of poor education and greedy, grabbing, insecure ignorance - which all tend to go hand-in-hand. The ‘power’ this generates can only become cannibalistic as we witness today. It is the evolutionary distortion of ‘survival of the fittest’ depending on power to kill and destroy or generate debt as a policy - out and out nuts rather than adapting in health and balance. Hence the greater portion of human effort being sucked into a killing machine that threatens the individual if they fail to succumb to the sense of insanity and victimhood.


OK, let’s try the Israeli system. That seems to work well.


I just don’t see the merit in working across the aisle these days.

The only recent instances of bi-partisan support for policy initiatives were a bail out of Wall St, increased military spending, additional freedom for domestic spying, authorization of endless war, and blank-check backing of Israel.

Screw that.

And the other thing the two-party farce agrees on is maintaining an exclusively two-party farce.


Hey, the US system works pretty well too—for corporations and the 1%. What would you recommend?


You’re such a funny person…


I watch Jimmy Dore and he makes the point several times that the only time when the two parties come to agree on something is how to screw the people over.