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After an ‘Educator Spring,’ Teachers Storm Elections


After an ‘Educator Spring,’ Teachers Storm Elections

Jeff Bryant
For Progressives, the stunning upset victory by first-time congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over a prominent incumbent candidate in New York seems to be a sign that a wave of change coming in the midterm elections.


My mother was a ninth-grade science teacher, in a rather disadvantaged school system. I sit now with a yearbook from over 40 years ago on my desk. The love of learning and life that her charges scribbled out to her carry me forward often. Growing up, our dining room was her office–maybe a “war room” of learning. It was there that she crafted her lesson plans (logistics). Brutally underpaid, was she. She Loved Her Vocation.


It is an atrocity what are government policies have done to education but then it used to be just republicans that didn’t want an educated constituents. Now? dems don’t fight for what is best for our country when it used to be education for our future.

It shows such a lack of long term thinking this capitalist world has brought us to.

Teachers unite and help save their jobs and our next generation and our country.


Thanks to automation and access to a global “labor” market, the owner class no longer needs to maintain a large pool of skilled workers.
All they really require are compliant consumers willing to join the occasional war.
Destroying education accomplishes this, and it also reduces the risk of a popular uprising.
Makes perfect sense if you are a psychopath.


Your pride is reflective in your memories of her here WiseOwl.


The amount of their salaries, as well as some other vocations, proves they have to love their professions, I believe.