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After Antonin Scalia’s Death, What’s Next for the Supreme Court?


After Antonin Scalia’s Death, What’s Next for the Supreme Court?

William Blum

Justice Antonin Scalia is dead, and his passing is nothing less than a legal and political earthquake. It will have a huge impact, not only on the court’s present term but on the course of constitutional law.


Well, I DO take joy and celebration in the death of one of the most reprehensible people to ever sit on the high Court. High fives all around! This was the best news I heard all week. It's about time the right lost one of their heroes. We on the left seem to have done all of the mourning for quite some time.


Scalia's timely death is yet another heat element applied to the already boiling US political pot. Superb that Bill Blum turned out this assessment so quickly!

The reactionary regressive Right has it's tired old playbook ready for the upcoming fight over the next Supreme Court justice. It's hard for me to see how this new element could play out well for the regressive reactionary Right, across the US political landscape from the SCOTUS through the campaigns for the White House and the Senate and House. But y'know, i've been blind a time or two to realities in US politics...

(Odd that Blum's brief writer bio at the end of this article, makes no mention of his authorship of Rogue State and Killing Hope, two books that should be on every USAns reading list.)


Thank you for passing away Justice Scalia. Its the best thing you've done for this country.


Mr. Obama, please consider appointing Lawrence Lessig.


And let me put my bet down right now:

Obama will write yet another page in the "triangulating" Clintonista, DLC, "Third Way" playbook, and will preemptively "compromise" with the regressive reactionary Right, before the confirmation fight starts. Obama will nominate a milquetoast and (most importantly) corporate-friendly "centrist" justice.

Crow will be my most delicious meal, if i'm proved wrong.


Let the names be dropped, let that speculation (and campaigning) begin.

Nader's old, but has some good years left! OK that's a non-starter. Who else?


Good riddance to an oxymoron: Justice Scalia


An LGBT Oriental progressive woman, now lacking in his administration. That way they can rightly accuse the Republicans of homophobia, racism and misoginy if they don't approve the nomination.


OK but Asian American, see Edward Said's book Orientalism.


Nader is good - anything that causes apoplexy in certain circles.


Joy! THAT's what this bubbly feeling is.
I admit, it shouldn't please me, but it does.
If only Thomas would throw himself on his mentors pyre.
I mean, who's paper is he going to cheat off of now?


In less than an hour after news of Scalia's death, Mitch McConnell announced that Obama would not name the next justice to the Supreme Court. According to him, only the next president will.

But it's not just the Supreme Court. The judiciary has 81 other vacancies, with 31 of them assessed as emergencies. http://www.uscourts.gov/judges-judgeships/judicial-vacancies/judicial-emergencies

Republicans truly believe one of their nominees will win the White House this November. Indeed, they say this with absolute confidence-- not campaign wishfulness. Do they know something that we don't? Do they count on stealing the Presidential election in a completely new way?

Looks like they want the judiciary all to themselves.


Here is how we can exert some pressure of our own:

Democracy for America just sent out request to sign a petition to Obama;
Go to...:
...and sign it.
All of that cries out for comment, that it is a sad state of affairs in our country, that we have to distinguish between "progressive" and "conservative" judges in our supposedly "independent" judiciary.


Sadly, this will be an Obama appointment vetted by the Congress now in office. Is there any reason to believe that another reactionary right-winger will not result?


A real progressive wouldn't limit speech. You must be thinking of liberals or the corporate democrats.


I've been thinking the same thing. I don't trust the guy that's pushing the TPP to appoint a justice beneficial to the American people.


This author is not the original Bill Blum (who is about 80 years old).


Agree-these two books should have been noted-
William Blum also occasionally sends out short essays- Not sure if you were aware of this, but if not, you might want to check it out- He wrote A "No B.S." reality check essay last week about Bernie Sander's social Democrat vs. Democratic Socialist that folks might want to check out- I wrote him and thanked him and he even wrote me back, which I thought cool...

The Anti-Empire Report #143
By William Blum – Published February 5th, 2016



They've switched it now, but had originally posted the elder Blum's photo, and a clip from his Wikipedia bio...