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After Apple Announces it Will Pledge $2.5 billion to Solve California Housing Crisis it Created, Bernie Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/after-apple-announces-it-will-pledge-25-billion-solve-california-housing-crisis-it


Just yesterday California was a fiery hell.

California is a land of millions of jobs in Silicon Valley and no place to live. Also there’s no water, it’s kind of a desert. Kansas is a land of waving wheat fields and no jobs. A real socialist government would allow people to live where they wanted to live and move the jobs to them.

50 years ago California made college tuition nearly free. That was the start of Silicon Valley. Apple Computer was two guys working out of one garage, plus there were thousands of technically proficient college graduates in the area to fuel Silicon Valley’s growth.

There’s exactly one reason why Kansas will never, ever be a Silicon Valley. Most of their politicians (and most politicians in most states) are utter grafters, and so actual economic progress shall never see the light of day there. Kansas make college tuition-free? No way, suffocate them all in massive debts!

Now, about the vastly rich company that doesn’t want to lay in mass transit to its corporate HQ shaped like a flying saucer, which would have reduced housing costs and also climate change: well, Apple’s corporate cheapness reflects badly on all of their products. Their motto is going to be, “We know before we start that we’re building something that won’t work well.”


I suppose that we should be grateful to those recently formed companies for their grand gesture but when one looks at their incomes and tax rates it isn’t much of a concession for them. Better than nothing really only makes the donor feel better.


Hi Apple: I’m not sure if $2.5billion is enough. : (
The reality is that people can’t afford the rent in all levels of income. Maybe you should read up on Tom Paine and his idea. I think maybe candidate Mr. Yang might remember this too—that with Tom Paine when kids were born they got small endowment to help them get started when they were young adults. This is sort of like Mr. Yang’s idea about giving people an amount to money to subsidize them a bit so that dreams can be dreamed in a real bed instead of a sidewalk. I don’t know why people wouldn’t go for these ideas as other nations have tried it too and it seems to help a lot.
The wage crisis needs to be addressed immediately—otherwise, cities will become like parts of Seattle , San Francisco and Los Angeles---------sleeping bags, tarps, tents-----all set up to provide shelter and make sidewalks unwalkable, which makes a tragedy out of “sidewalks,” and a breeding ground for typhus. : (


Apple has a small office in Reno Nev. calling it their head quarters. The pay 0 Calif. taxes and keep a few 100 billion off shore.


These sort of Corporate gestures are PR. The people seem a little restless, there is a lot of talk about taxing them and regulating them and breaking them up. They throw an easy couple of billion to the peons. The tv pundits on CNN will interview Tim Cook; he will tell the audience that they really want to solve problems and realize this is all about community etc. Everyone will smile and say how great it is that Apple is giving all this money and attention to a critical housing issue.
There will be no houses or apartments and if there were nobody could afford them. No one will ever ask about them and it will be forgotten in 6 months time. Apple will still be paying no taxes.

Thank you Bernie for educating people.


This Corporation and many others need to be crushed


The un-affordable housing has spread. Oregon has the problem now. I lived in Eugene 72-86. Rent was inexpensive, very affordable. . At that time we had a saying that showed up on bumper stickers:
Dont Californicate Oregon. I’ve been thinking about rmoving back and spending time on Realtor com scanning Eugene. Eugene has been Californicated and is now pretty much un-affordable. It’s a shame


Hi Phred_Pharkel:
Yes, California rents are insane, what Betsy DeVos is doing to education seems to be happening in much of the schools in California . I still don’t understand why religious and charter schools can get state education money, I had to move away from California but I got out just in time ------as the fires came quickly after that.


If they are going to lend with interest, then they are obviously going to help no one.


More bread and circuses for us commoners.
This is what it has come to. The enormous power and egos of the corporate class is now on full display. First they impoverished us. Now they throw us a pittance and pretend it’s charity.


More bad news, Phred: it has spread down here to Cottage Grove as well.
And so it goes…


Figured. And Last time I was up in Bend (maybe 10yrs ago) that had already been californicated

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BIG time!!!

Actually a socialist gov would create make work jobs in some place where there are none and then force people from other parts to move there. At least that what happened last time we attempted this.

In Eastern Europe Romania where i am from there was joke going around. To give you some background, after free college graduation every graduate was a assigned job, according to the grades that obtained. Grades were from 1-10 (basically 5-10 or passing). It was said the ones that got 9-10 were assigned to cities/towns where the train stops, 8-9 in places where you could hear the train, and the rest to places where people heard about trains.


Ditto Colorado several years ago.  WAY too late now . . .

My parents’ fault, Phred — They moved from CA to Bend when my dad retired in 1968.

Of course nobody wants to talk about the GROSS overpopulation of the world as a whole —
ALL our problems are just 'cause too many people are moving around.  Dang Immy-Grunts.

Right . . .

You think it’s bad now, just wait 'til the sea level rises and floods Mar-a-Lago — where in hell
are you going to put THOSE scumbags — the White House??

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Bend was still mostly a neat ranching town in the 70’s. Except for places like Sun River and Black Butte Ranch in Sisters

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Clearly Bernie is not afraid of Big Tech.


Same with Corvallis, where housing costs have skyrocketed. This year my rent went up by more than 10% to 4 1/2 times where it was when I first came here.

Also Bend (which several people here have mentioned) was a very affordable, lovely town (with great restaurants as well as numerous athletic activities) when I lived there in 1979, but now is a metropolis.

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The high price of real estate has also helped lead to the devastation those wildfires wreak on California.

In order to be able to live there people moved further and further out of the city not only necessitating a long commute by automobile on all of those freeways but pushing development into areas prone to such wildfires. Where one of these fires may have burned Forest 100 years ago they now burn down the housing of the people that decided to live there.

Now as an avowed Democratic Socialist Sanders does not go far enough here. More tax revenues does not necessarily mean a lower cost of housing. If people want a lower cost of housing they have to look at what drives housing costs up and that is the cost of the land in a model premised on PRIVATE property.

The City of Helsinki in Finland owns 70 percent of land inside the cities limits. They have mandated that the housing mix be able to house all low income, middle income and high income earners. Not only that but they demanded this mix be consistent across the entire city. In short there no “low income” neighborhoods and “high income Neighborhoods” on city owned land. The rich , poor and middle class all live in the same neighborhoods.

This has the added benefit of people being able to get to their place of work without a commute. If you happen to work a low income job you do not have to live 30 miles away and commute to that job since the area in which that job located now has housing for your income level.

This is both sane and rational and much more efficient then that silly thing called “the Free market”. It solves a number of societal issues from crime to homelessness to classism in one fell swoop. It a concept we need to adopt here in Canada.