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After Apple Announces it Will Pledge $2.5 billion to Solve California Housing Crisis it Created, Bernie Sanders

Our future jobs must be based in correcting the damage that has been
done to the planet, to our communities and to humanity –

Elites/authoritarians don’t grow or change – they live to control others, to keep
humanity from growing naturally – in spirit, wisdom, knowledge – in our hearts.

All of this damage now must be brought to an end. It’s time to clean up the mess.


Kansas could grow some fine Hemp.
You can make 50 000 products from the planets number ONE plant .It can substitute for so many nonrewneable resources at a tenth of the cost.
Your economy comes from the soil .

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Of Course Bernie is the Only Candidate Tuned into the vast Homeless Problem in America and the fact that Large Corporations are not contributing to solving our Problems, they are making them worse by not paying a Penny in Taxes and paying Low Wages to their Employees.

Did you think that Biden who is obviously suffering from the early stages of Dementia is aware of any problems facing America, so long as his Son Hunter is getting his large piece of the Pie…


Every comment you make on socialism limits the definition to government/centralized control of ownership and management. Yet actually, workers can collectively own the companies they work for. You know that, right?

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Yea, sad. In the 70’s I was up there often especially in the winter skiing at Mt. Bachelor. and hanging out in town. Had a friend who lived Sisters for a while.

Of course they can. It just won’t work at the national scale.

Officially the workers owned everything. Yet nobody personally owned anything hence there was no responsibility or accountability. Humans do not work for the pleasure of working. They work for reward. And of that reward is the same for the guy that sits all day reading the paper as it is for the guy next to him that churns out widgets 8hrs par day. Guess what? Bingo… you got it.

I’m talking about individual companies owned by employees like Publix Supermarkets.

Separate government ownership out of the equation. You can think like that, right?

Ok, i see what you mean now. Publix is still a private enterprise with mostly employees as share holders. Most likely not gonna fly in a Socialist society where private property is banned. In a Socialist society everyone would own Publix, whether they was employees or not. It would belong to the “commons” to use term dear to posters on this board.

You obviously conflate socialism and communism. I suggest you explore the difference.

We’re done here.

Not really. Socialism is just an intermediary phase between capitalism and communism. End result is still the same.

On a lighter note, here’s an old commie joke:

Q: Under communism will we still have money?
A: No, none of that either.