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After 'Astounding the World in Iowa,' Sanders' Revolution Marches On



I think all of Iowa could here me screaming from Canada, last night. You lit the match, Bernie.


I think what happens in South Carolina will really define whether Bernie has a real chance of winning this thing. In the most recent poll he was trailing by 37 points so if he can overcome that even the cable news channels will have to take him seriously as a potential Democratic nominee.


Donald Trump declared that he will easily beat Bernie?

Sorry to rain on your parade Mr. Trump! But if what Bernie just did in Iowa does not convince you that the Bernie revolution is just getting started, then nothing will! And if Bernie somehow gets the Democratic nomination for POTUS, I predict Bernie will bury you, because Bernie will bring out so many supporters that are either Independents, like me, or are the apathetic masses that never vote; that Bernie will burn to death, politically speaking, any Republican candidate for POTUS.


At one time Bernie was trailing by around 40 points to HRC in Iowa.


You are all neutral and stuff.



Hopefully Black voters in Southern States will spread the word that Bernie is the only presidential candidate from either major party during the past quarter century who marched in the 1960s civil rights movement.

No hopey changey hype in Bernie's camp.


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Yes, and when you consider vote tampering with machines proven to be hackable...


Bernie Sanders is the dog who's about to catch the car. We all thought it would pull away too quickly, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. If he catches it, he's going to have to turn into a helluva ferocious beast, or let it go.

He's going to face an unpleasant choice, he probably did not expect to have to make, whether to fight for the nomination, which will split the party. (Through no fault of his but because the party establishment won't support him.)

See analysis "What Does Bernie Want, Parts 1 & 2" at .thepolemicistDOTnet


If Bernie somehow doesn't get the nomination, I and many others will WRITE in his name even if it means the Rups get the house I want to at least Vote once for the BEST person not the lesser of two evils!


Bernie's favorite word? "WE!"


Here's an idea to show the rest of the world how democracy works.
Instead of going through all the trouble of having an election in November, just take whatever democrat and republican is still standing and flip a coin.
On a more serious note...... Hillary giving her "Victory" speech before the results were in makes me dislike her as much as I dislike Palin. Maybe even more.


"and Iowa's dubious practice of using a coin-toss"

What? They'll do that in the Super Bowl Sunday. Is it "dubious" then?


If Bernie is screwed by the corrupt dems. and HRC is nominated, which would not surprise me, I would hope that by that time there is millions of voters who have signed a petition that the dems. will not get our support. And if the Insane Asylum party wins in 2016, at least the Bernie supporters will have made a strong statement.


Bernie cannot simply rely on black folks learning about his good civil rights record--he needs to win them over BIG. All too many support Hillary and the Clintons in general and if they can be exposed to the very real harm both Clintons have caused especially mass incarceration Bernie may have a better chance.


Old black folks are pretty conservative. As for white working classes choosing Trump over Bernie and hurting their self-interest, well what could it be but the racist, intolerant message he brings? Michelle Alexander has exasperated herself on your point and posits that this might change if they would learn the truth about the Clintons especially on mass incarceration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AavRQOASONM

No HRC for me either. it may very well be, tragically, that rather than dismantling this odious system it will collapse.


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You reminded me of Mohammed Ali's short poem: