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After Attack in Spain, Trump Invokes 'Vile' Myth Celebrating Mass Execution of Muslims


After Attack in Spain, Trump Invokes 'Vile' Myth Celebrating Mass Execution of Muslims

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Barcelona, Spain reeled from a deadly attack on Thursday that left 13 people dead and dozens more injured, President Donald Trump quickly took to Twitter to both denounce the attack and recount a "vile" myth that claims a U.S.


I am actually quite impressed, that this dolt even knew about Muslims’ aversion to pigs.
Some other sick mind must have fed him that line.


The question is: “Could a President 'pardon himself out of an insane asylum?” I bet this is one the founding fathers have failed to consider. :rofl:


Sounds to me like he’s losing it - bigly.


Yes he is sick but here is the latest on the Barcelona attack:


Trump’s point is one that we’ve heard from right-wingers for a long, long time. It’s the “if we just learn how to hate and kill better, the world will be wonderful” theory of peace.


The truth has never stopped trump from generating or spreading any “vile” filth - he is a pathological liar that just cannot help himself, and that inability to reason and discern truth from fiction/fantasy, should worry every person with even half a brain…he should be removed from office toot sweet as obviously unstable and every breath as prez a clear and present danger!


Didn’t he just have a press conference where he repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to make any statemensts without having all the facts? What happened to that?

His new lies make his old lies even lie-ier.


Mr. t loves making people feel “appalled” and horrified and utterly dismayed at him, his words, or his acts. When people react to him by reporting these feelings, he is fed. It is his favorite game to play from his high seat among the devils of our land. He’s like Satan gleefully slapping his thigh in delight at accomplishing yet another feat in the red-gelled spotlight shining upon him. “I knew it! Didn’t I say I could get her to eat that apple! Heh, heh, heh, heh.”


The problem is there have been individuals throughout history that abhor peace. A so called “warrior complex” for lack of a better term…


Meanwhile, many on the left pine for the days of the PREVIOUS president who did NOT threaten to murder people without trial (including American citizens)…he ACTUALLY did it…SMH…


Brilliant! Where indeed are the facts?


Yes, quite appalling. Not only because Trump doubles down on his ignorance but also because he should know that any and all captured extremists should never be executed. Instead, they should always be jailed in solitary, and no Koran, for the rest of their natural life. By doing so, they are denied their espoused aim of being martyrs for Islam, and forever seen as the failure they are. I hope those in custody now in Spain receive that sentence.


Sorry for the size, if you click on it you should be able to read it…oops!


Ah POTUS, if only you had an automatic fact check on your tweeter platform, but then, who really cares about your telling the truth these days? First DC political liar doesn’t stand a chance in Trumpland. If liars all go to hell, then it must be awful lonely in heaven, only God and George Washington. It is joked that Nero fiddled while Rome burned but it will be no joke at all that Trump tweeted while the American presidency and democracy, as we know it, disintegrated.


Oh no, I cannot believe this best president ever of the USA ever told a lie!


According to Trump, When ISIS drives a vehicle into a crowd of people in Barcelona, it is an act of terrorism.
If a far right skinhead does the same thing here in the United States, he can’t bring himself to say the word “Terrorism.”


LadyK - I think this is exactly right. Trump is mentally screwed up, and this fact will be his downfall - and sooner than 4 years.


It is funny how these attacks happen at such opportune times.


The longer Trump stays in the oval office the deeper he will bury himself in his own fecal matter. He is a disgrace to the entire humanity.