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After Attacking Medicare for All as 'Unrealistic' During Primary, Biden Says Healthcare a 'Right for All' Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/after-attacking-medicare-all-unrealistic-during-primary-biden-says-healthcare-right


Public option is doublespeak for more Obama Care. A Public option does not gain the advantages of M4a as it does not lower costs over what exists now. It will actually add more costs as parallel systems will need to be micromanaged pushing up overall admin costs.

This guy is trying to swindle you all. A Public OPTION will make it worse.


A genuine political party that wanted to win the votes of its electorate would adopt popular policy positions and separate itself a million miles from the GOP. This would be easy. Trouble is, the D Party hasn’t the slightest interest in being popular of separating itself from the GOP. Its number 1 interest is to facilitate the predatory interests of its donor class.


These freaking politicians are supposed to represent us. We are supposed to be living in a Republic with democratically elected representatives who are supposed to do the will of the people who elected them. They refuse. They are beholden to big business, like big insurance and big pharma and big credit card and big oil. Those are their constituents, and they represent their constituents. The people are not their constituents. The people are simply a source of funding for more war.


The “public option” is simply a cave where real health care reform goes to die.

Despite criticizing Billy Tauzin throughout his 2008 campaign, one of Obama’s first POTUS actions in 2009 was a secret meeting with the former Congressman turned Pharma lobbyist to assure Billy that he would have a seat during Obamacare crafting meetings wherein doctors and nurses were arrested for attempting to get seats.

Pharma/Gubmit revolving door champion Liz Fowler authored the 2600 pages of Obamacare legislation that casts the “public option” as socialist, M4A as communist.


The Dem Party’s principle interest is remaining in power and, unfortunately, perhaps because of incessant corporate media propaganda, to win the presidency, any Democratic candidate must necessarily run center right.
I just spent a few hours with two conservative blue collar white men; their hatred of Obama is palpable, despite the fact Obama was indistinguishable from a centrist moderate Republican. Their hatred is irrational, visceral and lethal. They own guns, lots of them, they have military experience, there are more of them and their women than any other single demographic, they vote and you will not win the presidency by going full Timothy Leary or Rachel Carson or Bill McKibben or George Floyd…


“Cut the malarkey and give us damn Medicare for All” is right on.

Obviously Biden is feeling some pressure of the moment and of public opinion. We need to push even harder and speak out even louder!!!


C’mon, he’s standing behind a sign that says “Protect and Build on the Affordable Care Act.”

That’s not, by any definition, Medicare for All.

He can talk all he wants, but until he comes up with a solid plan that tucks it to the insurers and the for-profit health care companies, I don’t believe him.

In fact, fuck `im. I don’t believe him about anything.


Vote for him or you are assisting massive fascism on all our heads.

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Which will be nearly impossible with a virtual convention. Yup, it is all going the way corporations prefer. Pick a side, matters not.


You need to hang out with some people besides those who, by your description, would murder someone whose politics is to the left of Mitt Romney ( of Romneycare fame ). Shooting wars from right wing men and women are overblown. Their irrational daydreams of murder and mayhem should be treated for the what they are; ya know, sign of mental illnesses.
FYI- In a recent conversation with someone regarding the protests surrounding the deaths of Mr. Floyd, etc., I said I don’t condone the burning and looting. I mentioned Gandhi’s non-violent approach and wham, the person spewed out, " I hate Gandhi. As a Buddhist I hate him. " WTF?
I changed the subject and quickly exited. What does hating Gandhi and being a Buddhist have to do with a non-violence approach in protesting these police actions, anyway? Some folks are unreachable; in fact, they’re kind of kooky and weird. Like your two conservative white blue-collar sidekicks. Just walk away, dude.


Status Quo Joe is just working for his constituency, the donor class.


Public Option is right up ACA’s alley. Good for the donor class, useless for the voter class.


Y’know, I’m old, so I’ve been seeing this shit for a long, long time. And one of the things I’m getting pretty goddamned good and sick of is people telling me who I have to vote for. Who do you think put those fascists in office in the first place? A right-wing neoliberal neoconservative war hawk Dim by the name of Hillary Clinton. She managed to screw up a free lunch, and I’m supposed to get excited by yet another pimp for Wall Street financiers and the Pentagon, just like her?

Who’s the bigger fascist, anyway? Was T.rump the major player in the passage of the omnibus crime bill, or was Biden? Was T.rump buddies with Strom Thurmond (fuck, that’s a laugh–T.rump wouldn’t know Thurmond from a tree stump), or was Biden?

We are never going to fix the fucking Dim establishment by voting for them. Never. That. Does. Not. Work.

Hey, you do what you want to do, but don’t tell me I’m assisting fascism. The Dims have been doing a much better job of it for decades.


Joe is kicking one of the longest punts I’ve seen in a while.
Next he will promise the moon like trump did.


Hi SuspiraDe Profundis:
But we just heard that Trump has told insurance companies that they aren’t required to give free Covid19 tests--------so who will pay for the unemployed that might or might not have any money for tests—and I can’t believe anyone with a brain would deny anyone a test during this trump pandemic, or maybe it will be know as TRUMPDINIC when the country closes down again. : (


Hey Doug, you’ve got the bid-net model down correctly. Same flow as the Advertising bid-net that drives journalism and how most of our fellow citizens get their news priorities.

An early take-a-way of Mass Comm studies at U.C.-Berkeley was the paradigm shifting way that ad-driven news creates indoctri-Nation. For an ad man the newspaper or news broadcast is the way that eyeballs, ears and brains are delivered to the advertiser. No ad-driven newspaper exists to serve the reader. No public affairs program is broadcast into their home or mobile device to inform the viewer. The viewer’s eyeballs on commercial media are leased for a fee. All ad-driven journalism whatever the medium should be cost-free for the consumer who is being trafficked to an advertiser for a modest fee.

Media deliver the reader to the advertiser for a fee. That is the bid-net model. So few of our fellow citizens seem to realize that from the comments posted every day even on the more high brow publications or online sites. Public Broadcasting in U.S. may use some tax-payer money but not from the advertising industry that uses the Public’s Airwaves and cyber platforms.
Most of Public Broadcasting in U.S. is corporate endowed which differentiates it in credibility from Canada and Euro nation states and other African or Asian or Latin American nation states that often tax the ad industries something that is a pittance of PR AD industry profits, like 1% which covers an entirely independent Public Interest broadcaster which we in the U.S. haven’t had in our history.

We could have Public Interest broadcasting and other Public Interest uses for these great innovations in mass communications. But in the U.S. we don’t even know how to build a demand or who to make that demand to. We’ll need to learn to take back our Public Interest from the Private Interests. If that sounds commie or like socialism to ya, it already is commie or socialist as it socializes costs and risks to the broadcaster while privatizing the profits (to the contractors or share holders of stations and networks that lease the Public’s airwaves). Robert McChesney doesn’t get included in our mass media’s Golden Rolodex of experts, but he’s been teaching up a storm in university Mass Comm departments and inter-disciplinaries! Don’t know if Noam Chomsky has heroes, but I do and both Norm Chomsky and Buddy McChesney fit my def of Working Class Hero…

"This masterful study leads the reader step by step from the fundamental principles that should guide a free press in a free society, through the process of transition from ‘a feisty fourth estate in service to democracy…to a commercial institution dedicated to the rule of big business,’ on to the latest government-corporate machinations to undermine the threat of functioning democracy that might challenge business rule, and finally to the growing popular movements that are challenging this attack on freedom and justice and the means they can employ. It is not only highly enlightening, but a real stimulus to constructive action as well."
—Noam Chomsky

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The public option is horrible policy, sorry. It isn’t a step towards single payer, I think it would effectively undermine it. It would still keep in place a chaotic, multi-payer model. That means that admin overhead would remain high, as the more payers there are the more complexity there is in the system, and the more money has to be put aside to manage that complexity. We would also see sicker people offloaded onto a public plan, which would mean that they would drain a lot from the pool without young, healthy people adding to it. This would require active state support, and would be used to show how “inefficient” the public system is. And, it still treats healthcare as a commodity. You buy it on a market. Biden, and those like him, has spent years outwardly lying about single payer, which is in large part why there isn’t near universal support for such a system. There is next to no support for moving towards a rotten system like this one, even with a public option, in any country that has a single payer system. With Biden’s crappy plan, there would still be 15,000 deaths a year because people lack access to healthcare, and that is the best case scenario, if he got everything he wanted. Would the state use its bargaining power to drive down the price of drugs? Would there be a state owned enterprise to sell life savings drugs at cost? Would the state take control of drugs it helped to fund (a large share of them)? Would we radically change how intellectual property rights are treated at the WTO and within deals based on the NAFTA model? Of course not. Fuck that party for nominating him. Bullshit, worthless party.


Yep, Spot on
Wouldn’t want to kill the Republican insurance plan. They might cut off the cash flow.

The Public Option is a RIGHT!..(and in the fine print - if you can afford it.)

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So, how has running to the right in a vain attempt to pander those moron buddies of yours paid off?
It hasn’t.
Ever since the signing of the civil rights act by LBJ, blue collar men have been solidly republican. Year after year, they have proven to be the republicans most loyal voting block. And it’s very simple as to why. They are racists that fear the political power of black and brown people. In short, you need to choose better friends.
Only when the democrats consolidate their own coalition will they begin to win national and senate elections again. For every vote they gain from the center/right, they lose one from the left. It’s really that simple.