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After Avalanche of Outrage Directed at Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, "Rahm Emanuel 2.0" Starts to Budge on Key Teachers' Demand

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/31/after-avalanche-outrage-directed-chicago-mayor-lightfoot-rahm-emanuel-20-starts


I listen to WBEZ every day.
Jesse is wrong. You do not get paid for the days you are out of the ‘shop’ on strike.
Jesse, your 25,000 members are not meeting the children’s talents at all.
38% reading and 32% math for Illinois 3rd grade thru 8th.
How in heavens should you be rewarded for FAILURE.

If the 25,000 members are all certified teachers, then there are only 12 students per teacher.

Here’s a good piece on Rahm 2.0 and the rest of the moneybags and charter school privatizers.


Typical rotten politician. They make promises to get elected only to break them when in power. It’s like a good friend becomes your enemy.

This has a chicago label = gentrification.
But, but, but
The teachers union want list should only revolve around the classroom. Libratians and school nurses fit as does good food in the school cafeteria.

Social issues, are not supported as being within the teachers union power. at least in this neighborhood.

Please reread #1 above.
Thank you.