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After Becoming Lone Republican to Call for Trump Impeachment, Justin Amash Leaves GOP

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/04/after-becoming-lone-republican-call-trump-impeachment-justin-amash-leaves-gop


A true “Independents Day” for citizen Justin Amash.



Now, if only the remaining 150 million Zombies to the Duopoly have the smarts to follow this brave man, our country may become our’s instead of their’s once again.


A Freedom Caucus (ex) Republican shows more guts and understanding of the Constitution than Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer combined.


One of the best decisions I ever made was to eschew ever registering for any political party. Call me a Goddamn Independent if you so choose, I shall always wear that moniker with pride.


another one joins the larger family. welcome to the majority, rep amash.
it’s the right call.


Exercise rights or else they will be excised by abuses.

In the mean time, when $#!t rolls downhill, it follows the EROSION of the terrain that has not been set right. While thumbs are up in places where there is no sun, keep in mind the very quiet and quaint bosa nova waft of the name Alcantara.

Memory need a jiggle? Remember that the US backed the dictatorship in Brazil in the 60-70s? Go figure, clubs like Monsanto (former military) have made a killing (quite literally) in Brazil. So much so that Bayer had to bail the name. Indigenous peoples got fully woke and in the Federal Constitution of 1988, Article 231 explicitly states their rights. Quilombolas are still having to fight for their land rights.

Remember how in colonial days Brazil saw more Africans enslaved than just about anywhere else? Well, a LOT of them saw the tropical climate and said … "This we can work with, ciao! and headed into forests. Well, the descendants of those folks are today known Quilombolas and the traditional lands they have occupied, cultivated and preserved for centuries are Quilombolos.

Hang with me here, because the rubber about to hit the road.

Remember how Dilma Rousseff was “impeached”(cough, cough) and this smarmy guy named Temer who was put in place by a still-being-revealed corrupt cabal in Operation Car Wash? Golly, Monsanto, Syngenta etc… happy as clams. Well, Temer did something largely ignored in the US press: His “government” gifted the abandoned Brazilian Space Launch and control base at… wait, drum roll… Alcantara, to the US military.

So, once again the US is bulldozing Brazilian sovereignty with a dictatorial former military Bolsonaro (placing military in his government in places where experts should be serving) and once again Afro-Brazilians of the Quilombos - still in the process of being formalized because of the fascist tendencies and practices that the US has so assiduously supported, are being railroaded. The Brazilian defense Minister has stated that the 22 Quilombola communities have no say in the matter, can simply be removed.

Oh, and by the by, just try to find ANY map of the 22 Quilombola communities under threat… anywhere on the internet. I’ve tried - hope someone can prove me wrong.

Folks don’t tend to think in terms of power still being land and territory… think again. Because it looks as though the authoritarian interests in the US and the largest nation in South America are working to be one with a highly weaponized base at, you guessed it … Alcantara.

So Trump’s triangulations on race are essentially dog-whistle to Bolosonaro - and two mime and mimic each other and moon the world with all the authoritarian puppets increasingly placed by corporate bad actors (is there any other type these days??)


Justin Amash is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative and I disagree with him on most every public policy issue. But this kind of action does indicate that he has some political integrity and he deserves the kudos he is getting for that.


I call myself Green or Socialist, that pisses off Both of them. Them look at independants as someone they can sway, or conform.


I know nothing of this man’s history, but I am impressed at what appears to be an act of courage based on moral conviction. His move adds to the growing momentum of Americans who do not support either party. I wonder who supports Amash. If the rust belt workers who flipped from Obama to Trump follow him Trump is in trouble. I have no idea though.
I wonder how active Ron Paul is these days.


Even better than pride… DIGNITY


Progressives such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rhasida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, have been able to get elected despite tremendous obstacles, particularly from establishment Democrats.

They are doing great work, but this is not work supported by the Party establishment. On the contrary, the Party establishment has been extremely hostile to them. This is no surprise. Democrats now have a Party power structure that is controlled by right leaning and conservative Democrats. This is true from local town committees to the DNC and the DCCC.

I hope the Amash’s actions can help motivate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rhasida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar to abandon plutocrat friendly, war-mongering Democrats, and the Party these folk now control.


Conservative “news” sites are dancing on Amash’s grave over a poll showing him underwater this week in his district. He put his career on the line for a larger principal if that poll has merit. I’m not a Michigander, do you know how he’d fare in his district running as an independent? Could he win Lieberman-like with a coalition of Democrats, independents, and disaffected Republicans?


His district is rated by Cook as an R+6 district where a Democrat hasn’t held the confessional seat since Howard Wolpe left it in 1993 to run for governor. If he seeks to run as an independent, I would assume it would turn into a competitive three-way race with the Democrat being the favorite.

I originally thought he might run for President on the Libertarian ticket since he has always called himself a libertarian and he would probably like to help in Trump’s defeat and move the Republicans away from Trumpism. But after seeing his strong pitch in the op-ed against political parties of any kind, I think your point about an independent campaign for congress is indeed the most likely thing for him to do.


When Bernie Sanders’ Senate predecessor Jim Jeffords left the GOP during the Dubya Regime coup in 2001 the door was opened for other Congressional Republicans to do so. Unfortunately few have, proving that the GOP has been operated like an organized crime syndicate, not a party for at least two decades.


I prefer the more accurate term bought Democrats.


Regarding the concept of partyless representative democracy, it is a totally unknown concept anywhere in the world. Ad-hoc parties would form anyway if it were tried.

The better-functioning parliamentary democracies actually have far more rigid political party structures, not weaker ones. For example, in the UK or Canada, unless the party leader declares a rare “free vote” a MP must vote the official party position of they get kicked out of running for their seat in the next election.

BUT, and this is the big difference, they also have more, usually many more, viable polital parties!


Very true - the parliamentary system makes the vote have a much stronger relationship with party stances on issues and what policies will occur in the next period of time.

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Just because he did one “correct” thing, doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. He’s still a no-government, libertarian piece of sh$%. Find and support a true progressive for his seat.


The fact is that the so-called election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil was a coup - after Lula - Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was falsely charged, imprisoned, and illegally removed as the candidate of workers, the poor, environmentalists, and the “left”, among other supporters, leading to Bolsonaro’s elevation to president…

That de facto right-wing coup and Brazil’s “trump” nutter, is now decimating the Amazon, the most critical rainforest ecosystem on the planet! Its destruction will have a massive impact on the global warming/climate change crises. An area the size of a Futbol (soccer) pitch is destroyed in the Amazon every minute! Indigenous peoples are being exterminated in yet another genocide!